Friday, January 21, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of ........

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon  (and a day late---probably a dollar short as well).

1)    The translation into German of the name “Austria” is East Reich.  Sort of tells you something about that “invasion” in 1938.

2)    Since airplanes are now flying cattle cars (for high prices to board the “sty”) it is nice to recall the days of Piano Lounges, decent food, and the drama that once was air-travel.  Railroads, as well, had quality service with (on commuter trains) drinks served in a bar car among other amenities.   What a glorious time it was for “Mad Men”  and other commuters.

3)    A Shakespeare play opened next door to the ill fated Spiderman----fraction of the cost, just as exciting, and more meaningful.  Nothing more to say on that matter other than no one really got hurt---not even financially.

4)    Speaking of wonderful entertainment moments---Larry Siegel at the Orangeburg Library was a great hit.  This proves, once again, the best things in life are free---you do not need to pay exorbitant prices for quality at Arenas or Bway---hype does not mean quality.

5)    Since NYC is, allegedly one unit does not the expression “the outer boroughs” sound condescending?  And you wonder why Manhattan gets plowed out right away.

6)    President Hu is here---does that mean VP What is in China and where is the ever popular I Don’t Know?

7)    Dick Cavett’s book  “Cavett” is a good read---and his Groucho stories are delightful---Couple spy Groucho in a restaurant and the man says “...Would you say something funny and insulting to my wife---Groucho:...looking at your wife I should think you would have enough insulting remarks to make on your own”.

8)    Has anyone ever wondered why one name never appears on my playlists? And why?  Occupants of this phone booth have plenty of room to write down an answer. We are not overcrowded yet.

9)    If someone is a big fish in a little pond does that have to make that person a bully or just egotistical?

10)                      I do believe that I have it right about semantics and advertising. “ More” is less and “new and improved” is same old crap under a new name.   The banks have it down perfectly---I bet you won’t get that “free meal from Chase”  but you sure as hell will get the new charges they are billing to you. 

11)                      Bless DVR to help avoid seeing some of the above.

12)                      Speaking of Advertising---it surely has changed with the Internet---now just images and not even clever copy.  I will admit that an ad for Honda on TV was subtle and a knock on the Ford ads---I wonder how many people got it?


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