Thursday, January 27, 2011


A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon:


1)      It is great that a pendulum swings but it sure can be overdone with total miscreants such as the shooter in Arizona.  Lynching is gone but we do have incarceration and death sentences for people caught on video tape.  The defense team, not withstanding, this seems like a “no-brainer” even for the politically correct and those who want to save a few tax payer dollars.

2)      Don’t you love that expression about “tax payer dollars”?   When did you ever feel you were save a few dollars?  Even a lynching would not line a taxpayer’s pocket---that has been taken care of by many elected honest and allegedly idealistic people.  

3)       Speaking of elected people---did Chuck Schumer ever pass a mic. or camera he did  not like and have focus on him?   He is a great test pattern.

4)      Is there anyone out there who might be willing to sell me a small amount of snow to decorate my lawn with---it is in short supply.  The holidays are only 11 months away---wait---I just heard the forecast and I will be getting it for free once again---now, if summer does not screw things up, I am all set.

5)        It seems, according to news reports, that the financial debacle was avoidable.  Now that the matter is decided we can wait for the next “avoidable” one because greed and self-interest usually win out.  Ask the robber barons of yore—now residing in ornate mausoleums.

6)      Studies, surveys, policy matters, programs all say that money is the issue.  Money---is paper backed by the government. Idealism is doing something because it is right---SO—what happened to Volunteerism on the local, state, and federal levels.  If it needs doing let it be done.

7)      Speaking of Volunteerism why do local town councils get paid for their part time jobs (including medical and pension benefits many times) while the local library boards and ambulance people “volunteer”?

8)      Topicality is important so let’s wonder why Jesus was spied going into a bar and asking for a wine glass---but, have it filled with water.

9)      The French are now apologizing for their RR system’s transporting of Jews to Germany----because there is the possibility of some lucrative contracts.  Do you think BMW (the Holocaust Museum in DC makes a point of giving those initials when mentioning Bavarian Motor Works), Siemens, and Bayer might make some mention of their complicity?  

10)                    Funerals can be really convenient these days.  Some providers even have live internet feeds---so much for personal involvement.   Perhaps the new opening comment for the cleric is—“...All ye gathered here and on our reasonably priced TV feed let us mourn the personal and electronic loss of----“.

11)                    What a thrilling moment to hear a speech (State of the Union) that was an oratorical gem as opposed to the monosyllabic incomprehensible words of a previous deliverer of this address.
12)   Does Meche ring a bell?   I am no sports fan but news about him reinforced my thinking that there are still some idealistic and honest people around.
13)  Tom Paxton has a brilliant new piece of, sadly, short shelf life material about guns on Youtube---either check it out or let me know to post it here.
14)  Did you know that Utah has a "gun appreciation day"?  Here is a bit of irony---they want it to coincide with MLK day since "....they both made major contributions to freedom and liberty".    I bet MLK would have appreciated that.  Can legislators be that ignorant?   It is a rhetorical query.

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