Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Program Notes as the Title Says--And Some Other Items

First off a few updates on the up-coming programs:

TABLETALK: Since we had a nice scoop with my interview with Susan Quinn about her book FURIOUS IMPROVISATION and NPR a few weeks later raved about it as well we shall, this Sunday (8/10)have an encore presentation.

Here now are a few comments that describe the book and, frankly, our discussion of that and events occurring today might be found quite interesting---or perhaps not. Best to tune in at 8 AM Eastern Time (or on the web)---

In Furious Improvisation, Susan Quinn brings to life the challenges of this desperate era when Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt and the tough-talking idealist Harry Hopkins furiously improvised programs to get millions of hungry, unemployed people back to work. Quinn’s compelling story of politics and creativity reaches a dramatic climax with the entrance of Martin Dies and his newly-formed House Un-American Activities Committee, which turned the Federal Theatre Project into the first victim of a Red scare that would roil the nation for decades to come.
Furious Improvisation is a vivid and engrossing portrait of the turbulent 1930s, rich in humor and anecdotes which combine to tell not only the story of the theatre project but also of the Great Depression and government intervention in a time of national peril, a time when the still-pressing issues of discrimination, injustice and the meaning of liberty commanded center stage

SUNDAY SIMCHA: As always a few surprises in Comedy Corner and also a visit to the dusty archives that seem to be so popular---but also the newest in what can be termed "Jewish " music---of music in a Jewish vein---not a Jewish artery since that is clogged with chicken fat.

TRADITIONS: The segment about WPAT in the 1950s---The Dave Miller Show show has proven quite popular amongst listeners so who am I to cut it short (Oh those "Thrills of the Hills, Tops in Pops, and Best in The West")---we do an extended version this Sunday---have you heard Moon Mullican combined with Jo Stafford (that was a request by the way--Temptation)? In addition Smithsonian Folkways is a true treasure trove of wonderful archival material and they have, graciously, sent over recordings that will represent some of the great Calypso material :

We shall also commemorate the sad passing of Erik Darling. Ron Olesko will have a more full commemoration the week after given his interviews and personal contact with this wonderful artist.

For the segment about stories (novellas) in under 5 minutes or so---there is a new person you have to hear. I then await your comments as to who he reminds you of. If time allows in that segment the master story teller will once again be on the air.

As to other "items" I think it best you go to the right side of your screen and click on The Daily Rooster and find out a few other items that, perhaps , you will find of interest. This is not really the place for them--they are, however, "G" rated.

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