Sunday, September 7, 2008


On TRADITIONS today I promised to post a link to a wonderful video having to do with Michael Palin vis a vis the other Palin---Sarah.

If you check you will see my thoughts on that. I have to admit that this encapsulates it all--a brilliant piece of comedy and editing that should make us all perk up a bit and think about the presidential hopeful's choice of a person a heartbeat away from him.

OK the link

You will not be disappointed. If you listen to NPR and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me you know that they think that a nice touch would have been for "Pistol Packin' Mama" to shoot an ACLU member and stuff him.

Any other thoughts from me on this should really be read on THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER--perhaps I should add to some to already there---OK I will Come on over--or as that great old commercial for the now long gone airline National said---Come on Down (that was to get you to fly to Florida). Of course, once in Florida---God's waiting room--hosted by the late optimist Ponce De Leon---they had another commercial for that market---"Come on Up".
Nothing like NYC in the winter and nothing like Florida in the summer.

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