Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Program Notes---As The Title Says

A few comments regarding some of the features of late on TRADITIONS. I started as a one time thing a sort of nostalgia trip, if you will, a reminiscence of a radio program from the 1950s---The Dave Miller Show---that had the slogan "The Thrills of The Hills, The Tops in Pops, and The Best of The West". It was only supposed to be a one shot thing and it took about 10 minutes. It seems that it has caught on with our family of listeners and so I have been continuing it in approximately 15 minute segments. It is a blend of Country, Folk, Pop, and pretty much anything from a bygone era. An era when people wrote in requests to be played.

If you want requests you too can write in and now it is instantaneous---we have e-mail. No postcards to mail in. Sort of like the tag line on The Lone Ranger---" the land of yesteryear".

I can tell you in advance that this week you will hear---just a sample--Marty Robbins, Elvis Presley, Mr. B (you figure it out).

One of the big surprises was the reaction (all positive) to Tommy Edwards.

TRADITIONS is program that plays traditional music. Traditional music and new music that we hope will be considered tradition in years to come. Seems that music of that past era---not from some front porch but from a new electronic age---is now also in the tradition. So to speak.

So there you have my thoughts on that and if you have requests for any of these musical genres please do e mail me at . You can also make requests for Calypso which I am trying to have people recall because of the rhythm and the great political content. I thank Smithsonian Folkways for supplying me with some great archival material by some of the greats---Lord Invader, Mighty Sparrow, Lord Melody, and so many more.

A final thought which is not a musical one and should not be on this page---scoot over to THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER by clicking here or going to the right side of this page.

You might also enjoy some of the new videos that have been added.

One last thought and a mention of a person who many of you do not know. Many times we mention and mourn the loss of some famous artists---Kate Wolf, Erik Darling, etc; A few weeks back I started the program with a commemoration of Dr. Morris Dunkel. People like him are the supporters that keep this music alive and I want to say that he is missed, it was an honor and a pleasure to spend time with him, and my sympathy and hope for healing go out to his wife Marilyn.

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