Monday, July 21, 2008

CALYPSO--Not the Boat

TRADITIONS is, as you know, a "folk" music show. Folk encompasses so many genres and is not relegated to just our nation---or our singer/songwriters.

Reggae is an off-spring of Calypso, as you may well know. You may also know that Calypso had a large political content---Harry Belafonte not withstanding. Each year in Trinidad (the home of Calypso) there is a wonderful contest of Calypso music performers during Carnival. There are performers with amazing talent and names---some long gone now---Lord Invader, Lord Kitchener, The Mighty Sparrow, and so many more.

If you check the videos on the right and also on THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER you can see more samples of their work.

Now---your input is needed. On TRADITIONS --do you think a segment of Calypso to add to the other features---you know, The Dave Miller segment (Thrills of The Hills, Tops in Pops, etc;), Novellas in song in about 5 minutes, this would be something you would like to hear---some great rare recordings that preceded our current political songs?

Please e mail me at if you have a thought on this. You can also leave a comment here.

Check out some of the videos and enjoy some of the music and also do not forget to join me this coming Sunday when Roy Zimmerman joins me--Roy Zimmerman---a great satirist and raconteur.

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