Thursday, November 20, 2008


First off, my sincerest thanks to my co-host, Ron Olesko for his caring and concern for my illness and for covering the program he created these many moons ago. Also my thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts and concerns--- as Julie Gold wrote to one of my doctors---"...he's got a good heart, no wonder he needed a brain adjustment"

I am in good company---thankfully, Reggie Harris is recovering, as is Odetta. Also, yours truly.

I expect to be back at WFDU in about a month. Meanwhile I will recuperate at my daughter's house, and spend quality time with my kids and grandkids.

Again, my thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts==especially my daughters who insisted on my going to the ER and finding out why I had this ongoing headache. Turns out it was more serious than I thought and my surgeon was an amazing artist-=--hell, I never played the piano before---and still don't (I guess my surgeon wasn't that good).

Seriously, this is a life changing experience and really puts life and its meaning into perspective. Luckily, I have no diminution (like that $5 word?) of motor skills and am counting my blessings. Now, I finally have something impressive to say at the thanksgiving dinner table.

See you on WFDU shortly.

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Anonymous said...

Bill: There are many of us who have prayed, not withstanding personal ideas, for your return to good health. This is very good news. So happy to know that you will be returning to WFDU before too long. Julie Gold was prescient tho' untimely. A little earlier and you might have avoided the trauma. Silliness aside, very good news. Wishing a quick recovery. ....something to be really thankful about this coming Thursday. What a wonderful family you have.

All the best.