Thursday, October 23, 2008


First an invitation---to tune into XM Radio on October 28 at 12 Noon (if you have XM) for a 2 hour version of TRADITIONS. You are able to get a free trial subscription at the XM Website.

The second invitation is to scoot over to THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER and have a peek at some telling topical videos.

Now, What's In A Name? It has struck me over some time that the name Kate seems to belong to a lot of truly wonderful singers and composers. Think of three that come to mind to me immediately---

KATE WOLF---much has been written about her in previous postings; along with some of her videos. Truly another one of the unique "Kate" voices with unique "Kate" thoughts.

KATE CAMPBELL who, as many of you know, was my guest on TRADITIONS on October 19 which coincided with the release of her 12th CD. Kate had not been on the program since 1998. The response to her appearance was just great. Besides great music---read my earlier review of the latest CD---she is one wonderful teller of tales and surely offers us great insights into what her muse is and her deep feelings about the things she writes about.

Best of all she is still awed by her peers. You may recall her excitement when she mentioned in the interview about her opening for John Prine soon. Also her thrill of having him on her new CD; and how it came about.

KATE LONG who you have heard many times on the program. Her unique voice brings the most emotion in to the works she has composed or covered. You may recall her wonderful version of "Corinthians" and, most moving of all, "McNamara's Tear".

Speaking of "McNamara's Tear"; through the good offices of Julie Gold who has been so taken by the piece after I sent it to her she has gotten her friend Nanci Griffith to take a good long listen to it and it is hoped recording of that will come out at some time.

Kate has a new CD out now with her musical partner, Robin Kessinger---"What We Do". You will be hearing pieces from it on November 2. Just brilliant work---amazing picking by Robin Kessinger, the unique voice of Kate in this live album from a concert in the Appalachian area from which they hail. One particular piece I am saving to play near the sad anniversary of the JFK assassination.

Well, there you have it----Kates. Three of them. Surely there are more. So, what's in a name? If you have any Kates you know of that I have neglected let me know---but please do spare me Kate Smith since the moon came over the mountain many years ago.

By the way a trivia question since Kate Smith came up---her announcer on radio (and more perhaps---mgr.?) was Ted Collins---anyone recall the slogan that started her daily radio shows in those long ago years? I do.

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