Monday, January 30, 2017


So many postings recently about WFDU---both pro and con but mostly con.
Not to belabor the comments about WFDU, mgmt, hosts, and such I do ask your indulgence for a few final points---positive to start with and you can guess where this is going.

Many years back Ron Olesko asked me to come aboard on Traditions because he needed help and I thank him to this day for the opportunity. He did say I would have to be approved by the Program Director (Barry Sheffield)---great story there---briefly now: I am trying to be impressive in a sport jacket and slacks and in comes a guy in torn jeans(you get the pic).Barry Sheffield, PD. His comment was... “just fill out the forms so we know who to contact in case you drop dead in the studio...”. See—I am overqualified after this test---I am alive. The next 20 or so years were truly enjoyable and a great learning experience thanks to Ron and Barry and so many others at what was once a great station thanks to great management by Carl Kraus . He knew how to deal with leadership---stay distanced and be loyal and fair and not be everyone's “buddy” and then screw them (for want of a better statement).

Well. The years have gone by and like everything times and relationships change.

Over the years Ron had become increasingly sorry to have to share what he considered HIS program. I had now invested many years in it and I urged the “boss”(Carl K) to honor Ron's longevity in a major way. He tried to do that at a famed venue to no avail and no help from Ron.

The years move on and increasingly Ron and I move further apart and his anger with me and sharing the program increases in less than subtle ways---and now here we are. Me on internet radio and Ron delighted on doing HIS show again. In all its pedantic presentations .

Let me not leave out Barry Sheffield who as the new head honcho (replacing Carl Kraus) lead us into this morass by , for whatever reason, deciding that Ron Olesko's time could not be cut back and we return to the old arrangement which I suggested. I disagreed and now you see why I had to leave the place of nepotism, backstabbing , and other well, more than slights. Strange for me to pursue this since no pay was involved and now the place that claims to be a volunteer effort has a paid staff. Many of whom have substantial incomes from retirement benefits, pensions,etc;

SO, now in a bit of self serving posting let me urge you to “like” TABLETALK” --the page==on Facebook and tune in to the very same program plus more I did on WFDU. It will be up there weekly on Fridays. Also on Soundcloud andmy blog--

As to fundraising--- none here on the internet and as to WFDU/Traditions===well, let your conscience be your guide. Surely you can guess my thoughts on that matter

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