Wednesday, January 4, 2012

THURSDAY--Another Edition of--

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)   Has anyone ever wondered what the inverse equation is to the improvement of TV technology and the deterioration of the content on the programs?  Bright side is that the commercials are even clearer and louder.

2)   I am surely hoping that you will be tuning in to TRADITIONS this Sunday when I present our usual features and some favorites (or most meaningful to me) of the prior year.   Not 10 and not 20---just a few I thought memorable.  It is all subjective and as you cannot compare apples to oranges why compare artists to other artists.  Then again---never forget Eve---she did try to get Adam to eat that apple---all he wanted was an orange and look what, supposedly, happened.
3) SUNDAY SIMCHA is not Chopped Liver and I do hope you will be tuned in because we have an interesting program and also a remembrance of Adrienne Cooper.   While it is too late to make mention on the program we also mourn the recent loss of Yaffa Yarkoni.
4) I do believe that “Chopped Liver” should not be derogatory---I love the stuff before it spoils.

5)  Is it a generational thing about visiting grandparents and in-laws on a weekly basis?   Seems much better now without the obligatory and worthless get-togethers that were appreciated only by the elders.

6)   Whatever happened to privacy?  Some folks feel the great need to announce every ache, pain, infirmity, and bowel movement on Facebook and then complain about the intrusion by said venue on their privacy.  

7) All this instant communication leads to a dearth of thought and proper response to situations.  Diplomacy is a perfect example.   It takes time. 


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