Monday, December 19, 2011


 Since the request for concert and performance announcements was made I do believe it incumbent to now give you a few links to some local venues (some of which are already on the site) and, also, list a few upcoming gigs in this area---this area being NY NJ CT---
First some links:
The Turning Point
Acoustic Cafe
Hurdy Gurdy Folk Music Club

Those are some of the local venues that will of interest.  More will be added later.  In the meantime here are some upcoming performances in addition to those you will find on those sites that might be of interest--

Pat Wictor-----Place House Concerts--Livingston NJ    Jan. 8, 2012
Tom Chapin---Turning Point, Piermont, NY          Dec. 28/29 , 2011
Hungrytown---Hurdy Gurdy Folk Music Club              Jan. 7, 2012

We will let it go at these local events (for this area) but do check the websites for those listed for more dates.   More will be added and local updates will also be added.

As to the misc. updates---I do hope you will be tuned in to WFDU 89.1 FM (or on the web---I still wonder who really sits at a computer for this "nonsense" (honesty there) because on this coming Sunday we have a truly interesting SUNDAY SIMCHA planned (no holiday material there--well, just one piece) and a really fun filled afternoon of TRADITIONS.  Holiday music in all its different incarnations along with our usual fare of some great new musical moments in addition to the features----with a special emphasis on one---AND--we have a winner for the title of that segment---Past but Perfect Voices to Remember.

Here is one of them right now----

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