Saturday, July 28, 2007


That comes after DATING. Ours has been tested so let me fill you in on a few things.

While it is always nice to give you updates on the various programs I am involved in at WFDU, the upcoming shows of various artists, and on The Almost Daily Rooster (see right side for link) some topical and non-musical items it is also of import to offer some entertainment. Whew--what a long sentence. Catching my literary breath now.

So to get you to visit the Playlist Page (link on the right side) I offer you there--at this time---step right in--the person who not only is our signature sign-off for SUNDAY SIMCHA (right after the wondrous Margot Leverett and The Klezmer Mountain Boys) but a comedian who I think was just brilliant. If you view the videos it would be interesting to see which ones you think were obvious "shtick" and which were his classic put-ons. Specifically his "engagement" announcement to a Christian Gospel Singer.

So there it is--Groucho on The Almost Daily Rooster, Andy Kaufman on Sunday Simcha and---if you scroll down you will see the announcement---Modern Man on both Sunday Simcha and Program Notes (this page) .

Where else are you going to get this service along with what most people who write "blogs" do--as Rob Carlson confided in me---and the radio audience--find out if people are as interested in the writers as the writers are in themselves. Unfortunately, David Buskin wants to steal my article on Bowel Movements I have had and make it his lead piece. Never give away your ideas---they get stolen.

Seriously some upcoming shows you might want to see:

August 4 DAVID WILCOX at The Turning Point in Piermont NY 845 359-1089

MARGOT LEVERETT at Zingenhaus in Switzerland--grab a plane as fast as you can.. How does one grab a plane? Sounds dangerous.

August 5 MODERN MAN Lincoln Center Out of Doors 2 PM and FREE. The only cost will be the medical bills to stop your laughter. Hope you have coverage.

August 13 CLAY EALS, DAVID AMRAM and more for a book signing at the BITTER END in NYC at 2PM FREE. I hope to see you there---and, please, no "Play Misty For Me". I am a very frightened person when I think of that film. Admittedly I am flattering myself.

Now for a trivia question that will be presented ---this is a preview---on the August 12 edition of SUNDAY SIMCHA. What film had Molly Picon as a supporting lead and Lee J. Cobb as her husband?

An e mail to gets you a CD. There are only two and the first two e mailers get it. No Googling---I trust your honesty. Oich--such a naif.

For Traditions listeners---A CD awaits if you mail to the answer to this: Before Bill Hahn (14 yrs ago) arrived on the program---can you name any other co-host? Something that can not be---new verb---Googled.

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