Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Memorable Milestone and Meaningful Mentions

The title is a tip of the hat to alliteration which always seems to be a grabber.

That grand fellow on the left is Carl J. Kraus, the General Manager of WFDU---0r as his Birthday Gift will say---El Jefe. Carl will be celebrating a milestone that this writer passed a while back---60 years.

While I am not privy to much of his history it can be said that he is living a full and creative life and, most importantly, is a man of import, loyalty, and depth.

The 3d person can be dropped now and I can speak in the first person---this is from personal knowledge and incidents. I have been both the recipient of his loyalty and his criticism. Frankly, both are appreciated because I know that they are rooted in sincerity.

I have been at WFDU for some 14 years now and I will not neglect mention of Ron Olesko for his introducing me to the station, Barry Sheffield for going along with this novice, I do want to say that Carl Kraus ---El Jefe--as he will see-- leads a good crew properly--just like Capt. Corchran on the HMS Pinafore.

At this point I would direct your attention to the right side of the page:

The ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER for a searing piece about an article in today's (7/31) NY Times.

I would also like to remind you that the funniest group that has visited planet Earth from their space in the galaxy will be appearing at Lincoln Center Out of Doors on August 5 at 2 PM. Best of all---since dollars do not work on the alien place they come from it is FREE. I speak of Modern Man. Hope you be there--I have, actually, left my cell at WFDU and will attend. Parole is so good for a day.

Two out of 3 only----their appreciative audience is on the right side.

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