Thursday, January 21, 2010

THURSDAY---Another Edition of.....

And the weekly flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon

Nobody Asked Me But:

1) Count the times people on interview programs say “ the end of the day”. Cliches abound---or as Shakespeare said ---“...signifying nothing”.

2) Many times I am asked about the radio programs and, frankly, At The End Of The Day I hope they were appreciated and if not---well---it is still the end of the day.

3) Whatever happened to the start of the day, or at high noon (when it was time for Kate Smith---and her mooning could have destroyed an entire mountain), or just plain old sunset?

4) A delight to find so many elders---they are now called senior citizens,-- enjoying a trip back to an earlier time with my presentation at the JCC in Washington Township NJ

5) My feelings of sadness are mingled with my joy at having been able to experience The McGarrigles at some point in time---farewell Kate who has brought so much musical joy and feeling to myself and to so many others.

6) I like the quote of the day from an unknown source: “ spend over 53 hours a week on electronic media---and when they are finished they still say--"what now—I am bored”.

7) I had a epiphany the other day---Dave & Busters in various malls is a horror but, frankly, when I was a wee one Coney Island was probably the same horror that my parents thought it. Different generations/ different media/ same results. I worry about the adults without kids there.

8) Avatar is a film I have not seen nor intend to see. I still like character and story driven films as opposed to effects. That noted, perhaps Cameron does make parables and meaningful moments ala Shakespeare. Perhaps it is generational and I will stick with Will having been born in his time---I beat good old Abraham for age then.

9) Erich Segal, the author of Love Story died this week. I bet he never had to say he was sorry.

10) Google’s slogan---“Do No Evil” is a wonderful aim but you have to wonder how two “naive” tech nerds made billions---yes, billions (going higher) without a small bit of business acumen and pragmatism. So they say whilst cruising the corporate jet. Bill Gates is re-born and somewhere down the line---given the speed of innovation now; very soon---the next heir will be upon us.

11) But what is all the fuss about Golden Globes, Academy Awards, and such? They started out (well, Oscar did) as industry awards---hype will get you everywhere.

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