Thursday, October 27, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of--

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)        What is it about Psychologists?  Many came from other areas before settling on re- decorating our minds---be it Interior Decorating, Carpentry, and more (I know of them).  Does that make them competent?

2)          A true story of one I know---a former art dealer now expert (?) in people’s problems.  I was in a social group and was about to say something and she said please do not speak since I know what you are going to say and I am tired of it.  My response---“what do you think I will say?” (which, had it been so, was complimentary to someone in the group) and she picked the wrong statement.  She apologized and allowed me to speak..  Wow—what generosity and insightfulness worthy of a totally incompetent “shrink”.  Any wonder why I cannot abide these self appointed purveyors of healing and logic?

3)          I often wonder if life was simpler and better with fewer media choices.   Forgetting “the good old days” cliche since everyone things of past times as such. It does seem that there was quality in the early days of TV. Children had limited choices on radio and geared only for them (at certain early hours). We spent time communicating with each other.  Now we deal with “apps” and constant streaming of all kinds of material that we do not need immediately or, perhaps, at all.  In addition, the children end up sitting in front of some sort of screen for hours if one allows it.  Does anyone really believe that Sponge Bob is a better companion than some live interaction with friends and parents?

4)          We have to enter “lighter note” time so a brief thought---Going to Church or Synagogue does not make you a Christian or a Jew anymore than going to a garage makes you a car.   Baboom!!

5)          I am hoping to die peacefully in my sleep just like my dear Grandma----unlike those 3 passengers screaming in her back seat.

6)          Since I like Gospel music so much I nominate Mr. Cain to be a lead Gospel singer.  A vocation that may well suit him more than being President of anything larger than a Pizza Company---and please do hold off on the Pepperoni and Bullshit toppings as well as the Gracie Allen inspired malapropisms.

7)          This Sunday you do not want to miss SUNDAY SIMCHA at 10 AM ET (on the web at  when we present the quarterly Capitol Steps in an extended Comedy Corner---make sure you have your girdle on to prevent any explosions of your sides.

8)          On Traditions on that same day at 3 PM we start a new feature---your input is requested.  Tune in and find out and also discover some brilliant new artists.

9)          Having read about the rates charged by one Paul Clement for his legal services you have to realize it is just a smidgeon above minimum wage.  Taking on cases one may or may not agree with is a lawyer’s forte---sort of like the Jewish expression regarding Talmudic arguments---Pil Pul.   I won’t venture to give my definition of that in terms of animals that graze in the meadows and their digestive processes.

10)    Are we all not happy that the missing cat at JFK was finally found?  Are we all not also delighted that the cat’s owner who loves the cat so dearly already got another one---to keep another one she owns company?   All I can add is---Hmmmm?


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Anonymous said...

Keep on ranting. The world needs high quality ranting from thoughtful people.

Sorry about the anonymous. I don't recall my google ID. Too much of that kind of thing these days.