Friday, October 21, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of.............

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)       What does it say about the Israeli Prime Minister when he negotiates with terrorists and will not sit down with responsible Palestinian leaders from Fatah?

2)       It’s tough to be a leader and avoid emotion but that is what is required from a true leader and not having his subordinates put a spin on it. One of the subordinates I had the privilege of interviewing some time back---sad to think  really believes what he says, albeit in a most erudite manner.
        On a side note, a word of wisdom from the young---13 yr old Grandson on hearing his dad remark how unfair the prisoner exchange was but if it were his son he might feel differently---the grandson's comment---"every boy is someone's son"

3)       When someone says “death is the great equalizer” they are right---good old Muomar crawled into a hole and quivered like all the others he destroyed while living in his palatial places and not giving a damn about people.  Remains to be seen how the newcomers will do---given the history there “pessimism” is the watchword

4)       Is it me or does TV just get worse and worse and worse since the halcyon days of classic programming?  

5)       “Prime Suspect” is not anywhere near the quality of the British version.  Just another 2d rate Detective story now---featuring 2d rate actors and 1st rate actors (Aiden Quinn) in a second rate role.

6)       Over 25 year old Brit. Sitcoms are still more interesting and quality oriented than today’s pack of pap---think of Keeping Up Appearances and As Time Goes By.

7)       Now that Cablevision has deigned to put BBCA on its line-up why is it that it just a re-hash of old 2d rate American programs and WNET and WLIW (the twins of repeat programming) air the quality material?

8)       I finally figured out the real reason that the Chicken crossed the road----

9)        Politicians don’t really want to get out the vote---they want to get out the vote that will vote for them. 

10)Let’s end with a trivia question---in the early days of this nation the Republican Party begat which other party and the Federalists begat which party---that begat another?  Ever so biblical wording in this query.  It all proves what, I believe, old Bill Shakespeare said (forget this Anonymous business)---What’s In A Name.

11)  One last word of wisdom from the young---a 9 year old says that "Practice Makes Perfect" is incorrect---"Practice Makes for Promise".  Good point--whatever is " perfect"  Out of the mouths of babes.


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