Thursday, October 13, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of.............

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon:


1)      I am still trying to understand what the 99% demonstrations will accomplish since human nature precludes voting your self interests out of existence. Unfortunately hard ball politics wins the day at most time.

2)      Given all the police overtime costs the demonstrations surely will accomplish a windfall for the police and higher taxes if the tax collections are really off.

3)       It certainly seems that sometimes “...more than you need to know...” is true.  Why does anyone need Twitter---to keep up with instant word on one’s totally unimportant information.

4)      Why do people constantly post such nonsensical things on Facebook?  Do we really need to know that you just came home or just had dinner---then the next day we find how the dinner went with that person’s bowel movements---or lack thereof.

5)      In Algebra class the other day the teacher confiscated a rubber band slingshot---it was a weapon of math disruption.

6)      In the early days of TV you had 7” screens (or smaller) in black and white and now there are giant ones in color; so, why would people want to watch a film (or anything) on a tiny smart phone. Is that known as retro in the guise of progress?

7)      Do TV ad sponsors really believe making people using their products look stupid and inept sells the product?

8)      If endorsements by celebs sell products then those who buy into it are really off-kilter.  All that is accomplished is enriching the endorser and raising the price of the products.  I, for one, have a great bridge to peddle once I find an endorser so that the unwashed masses can line-up to purchase it.


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