Wednesday, October 5, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of--

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon:


1)       Since Jimmy Cannon is always thanked for this idea at the top it would be nice to recall who he was.  Probably the best sportswriter ever to come down the pike and since I am not a sports fan, for the most part, it has to be added that he could write on so many other topics as well---as evidenced by the title of this column.  He wrote for the NY Post when it was a “newspaper” and, dare I be critical now, and not a repository for the wrapping of dead fish.

2)       The new TV season is one that could do well to just leave a test pattern on the screen since it may well have more interest than the programs.  Specifically, Pan Am.   Why knock off Mad Men (which is a quality show) that captures an era and has a great story line and just walk around parading logos---the logos are better than the show.

3)       As to Pan Am---Pan American World Airways (before we abbreviated everything) was truly a great way to travel when flying was still a great adventure and this airline made it even more adventurous.  Today---welcome to the airborne cattle cars and the loss of class and comfort.

4)       A true story of a Pan American World Airways flight from L A to NY with 3 abreast seating and I am at the window seat, a man is next to me (an opera singer he says) and an lady from India on the aisle with her baby.   The Stewardess (yes, that was what they were called) asked for the meal order and the Indian lady asked for fish since she cannot eat beef since cows are sacred in her land,  the “opera singer” orders meat and says to the lady---“ you know we have sacred fish here as well---did you not hear of Holy Mackerel..”  Diplomacy was his middle name.

5)       I have another airline story of the many I have remembered over the years.   Disliking flying, as I do, I had struck up conversations many a time with the flight attendants and one time I mentioned that I am sure they were well trained in helping us evacuate in case of emergency and her reply was “....damned right---to mine own ass will I be true---I am out of here in an emergency...”   Her quest was for finding an eligible bachelor---probably in 1st class.

6)       You cannot choose the greatest performer in history since it is so subjective but I do believe one is able to choose the greatest newsperson ever.  Only one person fills that slot.  Edward R. Murrow.

7)       Here is a religious thought---Atheism is a non-prophet religion.  No plate passing here.

8)       Debates are not really debates anymore; they more like uninformed arguments and diatribes.  Instead of speaking in headlines would that potential candidates would discuss an issue and focus on the nuances of the matters without overlooking the actual facts of a given matter such as executions in Texas and who does or does not have the power to stay them;  what Mass. Medical care laws were really all about and not the slogans about them; the list goes on.


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