Thursday, November 17, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of--

A flip of fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)   Don’t you sometimes wonder why a person would just walk into some other people’s conversation and start talking about what it is they want to talk about?   Seems strange that this could be a grown person who, probably, taught his/her own children years back---do not interrupt people unless it is important and then say “...excuse me...”

2)   Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?

3)   In this day of promotion and hype and 24/7 nitpicking news coverage one will overlook a pearl amongst the swine---I give you John Huntsman.   My own preference is still the incumbent but I do respect his knowledge and seeming sincerity.

4)   But I need some understanding on this---if a homeless person sleeps in a park he may well be arrested but unfocused “protesters”(to who knows what) get to encamp for over a month it is OK.   Seems like a conflict of priorities here. 

5)  My problem is I do not get to a punchline rapidly----SO—“..If I have your millions Mister---can I sleep in your park..?”

6)  Chanukah will soon be upon us and since it is the “festival of lights” given the miracle of the oil---that small amount lasted all those days---perhaps we might hope for another miracle of the oil as we fill our tanks with almost $4.00/gal. gas and have it last for weeks on end so it will average---you pick a price you like.

7)   A little heads up for a bargain is always good.  Here is your heads up for a wonderful FREE concert by an amazing talent---PAT WICTOR.  He will be at The Orangeburg Library on Dec.18 at 2 PM---BUT you must call to make a reservation because seating is limited.  There is no charge---merely call 845 359-2244 to reserve your seat.  You want a place to your seat and this will be a good place to put your seat on a reserved seat.  Bet they match and fit well.
8)  Here is an idea from a letter writer to the NY Times---sounds good to me:
Re “Beyond Seizing Parks, New Paths to Influence” (front page, Nov. 16):
Officials should designate an area in a New York City park as a public speaking forum for Occupy Wall Street in the tradition of Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park in London. Maybe with a designated forum for ad hoc and prepared speeches, a leader of the movement will emerge.
Who knows? The better speeches could go viral on YouTube.

       9)   On the lighter side let me add this final thought as seen on Stephen Colbert last evening---in wonderful bad taste---there is a fortune to made in bad taste t-shirts with slogans such as “...I’m not squinting---I’m Korean.”  Let’s not do away with ethnic humor---it is in the mix as was Amos N Andy—on which I could I write an essay on their pertinence.  George Carlin understood that as did Lenny Bruce.  Not the shock comics of today with no point.  It is in the context of the presenter and any point he/she might make in that context.   That said---Sarah Silverman is one who I still find offensive and pointless but I will give her points for one good line that only a  Jewish woman could pull off----“...I was raped by a doctor---it was sort of a bittersweet experience...)  I am sure it is a paraphrase but I believe you will get the point.

 10) A round number like 10 is always the best way to go out---so a last thought--do not miss a wonderful program this Sunday on Sunday Simcha.    Wonderful music and interesting conversations.


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