Thursday, November 10, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of--

A flip of the proverbial fedora to  JIMMY CANNON


1)   One hears so many comments about “our brave Veterans”, “oh, the sacrifices they have made for the love of this nation..” and they are all true.  It would be nice and proper if comments were also made about how they were suckered into a mistaken and falsely explained war by the former administration---and also that many needed the employment. The risks come with the territory of unemployment.  Of course the miscreants of said administration are now cashing in with books and comments of their correct decisions---as if they were facts

2)  Another sad loss in the music community.  The sad and rapid loss of Terrence Martin who was on the way to a brilliant career---and, more important, raising and enjoying his family.  He passed away so young like many others---famous and not famed folks---but in the “famed” department he joins (sadly) Kate Wolf, Phil Ochs, Townes Van Zandt, and more too numerous to mention.

3) Why do some people have the urge (and follow through on it) to post their every move and thought on Facebook---mostly mundane?  Better yet---why do people respond to this nonsense?  Then again there is Twitter so you can even faster and briefer updates on the above.  Yeats, Shakespeare, Shirer, and other writers and memoirists would be proud.

4)  I am certainly hoping you will be tuned in this Sunday for SUNDAY SIMCHA on WFDU at 10 A M ET (or on the web at where it will be archived for 2 weeks).  A wonderful segment about the new Folksbiene Season---AND---an interview with Neshama Carlbach about her, her music, and her father Shlomo---with some great insights by Neshama. In addition wait for the surprises next week---we are on a roll here now in ---Here is the slogan---WFDU—KEEPING YIDDISHKEIT ON THE AIR.   Anyone wanting to ask the station for a bumper sticker and be a proud supporter---go ahead!!

5)   If you recall Steve Allen and his spoof of the NY Daily News letters to the Editor (which was just great) you have to appreciate the intelligent and succinct ones in the NY Times. 

6)  Mario Battalli, the chef with political opinions, is being pilloried for a fairly true statement in which he was not praising Hitler but, rather, denigrating the denizens of Wall Street---OK---he bit the hand that feeds him.  Good for him!  I am glad that I never re-mortgaged the old homestead to eat in his highly priced (not prized—priced) restaurant(s) even though I agree with him.

7)  Has anyone ever noticed the inverse relationship to quality between a film or a book and the amount of time the people involved appear on talk shows?

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