Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some Brief Musical & Misc. Comments for a Rainy Tues.

Going first with the musical comments I just want to say thanks to to folks who have e mailed  to let me know that they like the new feature about the voices that we have lost and want to hear again---and requests for that segment are always welcome.  This is in addition to the other features of the program----The Tops in Pops, The Best in The West, and The Thrills of The Hills (and, as always a tip of the faithful fedora to Dave Miller/WPAT/1950s) and our story segment.

This coming Sunday one of the artists will be John Hartford in the segment about voices we have lost.  Be surprised with the others.

As to the Misc. Thoughts. 

Not wanting to sound like Scrooge I do admit to not reading the NY Times "Neediest Cases" anymore since it seems to me that some of them are truly a bit over the top and hyped by the paper.  Yes,  they do bring a tear to my eye---actually both of them.  Yet, if you read the details you realize that there is more to the story as is the case in most articles in the paper---and, yet,  incomparable to the papers that are best used as wrappers of dead fish---we know who those are.

If you want a really good cry do read this past Sunday's NYTimes magazine about the couple who married in and assisted living place while both were victims of a fatal cancer (she died prior to publication).   I am still drying my eyes.

Finally---good to see protest movements like the OWS and all deciding to take a winter break.  Unlike the protesters with singular causes---Viet Nam, WW1 vets in DC, and other single issue protests these folks know about winter cold and comfort----well, once the spring arrives and their warm winter evenings are over I am sure they will be back with another bundle of banter amidst budding blossoms in various park like settings.  

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