Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some Upcoming Events---Radio & Otherwise

Just a few brief upcoming dates for some of the performers that will be in the area and should be of particular interest to readers of this venue and also listeners to SUNDAY SIMCHA and TRADITIONS

October 11: Turning Point Cafe, Piermont NY Rev. Billy C Wirtz / Robert Gordon Band
October 16: Tom Chapin at Our Times Coffeehouse in Garden City, NY
October 18: Jonathan Edwards on TRADITIONS w/ Bill Hahn
October 24: Milton at Acoustic Cafe, Park Ridge, NJ
October 25: Margot Leverett and the Klezmer Mt. Boys at McFauls Environmental Center-- Wycoff, NJ
November 6: Jonathan Edwards at Mexicali Blues in Teaneck, NJ
November 7: Cheryl Wheeler at Hurdy Gurdy Folk Music Club in Fairlawn, NJ
November 8: Theodore Bikel in limited run at Folksbiene for Sholom Aleichem

That is a brief update of some of the upcoming appearances by people I would hope are of interest to you since, it seems to me, that some of the best shows are by people you may not hear of in the ads for the large venues.

The old saw says that "you get what you pay for" and another that says "the best things in life are free". These are not exclusive of each other. How many times have you gone to a local concert and had an even better experience than a large venue as MSG or Meadowlands and also contact with the artists you admire and enjoy?

While I surely want to update you on the programs---SUNDAY SIMCHA and TRADITIONS --that has been done in previous notes and will continue on newer ones---I do want to add a few extraneous thoughts about some items and people.

Some of you may recall that last week I played a new CD by Janet Bates. Musically it was wonderful. I have, since that time, had e mail contact with her and am ever so amazed by her talent, bravery, and honesty in fighting a really tough disease----cancer. She also never mentioned that, besides her great talent, she is also a physician (as is her husband). We corresponded about our mutual situation with regard to that disease and the support that is offered by kin---and, I am sure it is not an invasion of her confidentiality, she writes: (paraphrase) "...I as you have no close friends---my husband is my support and best friend". I applaud her and her husband. I also told her that her music stands alone---and is just wonderful. Janet Bates has a blog and if you click on it you can read of her comments on her fight and her life. This is separate from her website.

As to a few thoughts off the top of my head that probably should not be on a public forum and only one that is "private"---like this blog:

1) WNYC in NYC has acquired WQXR and that is a truly good thing. The sad part is that they changed their own schedule and put some shows back that the only comment can be "who cares".
2) WQXR had to move to another frequency and is much lower in power than it had---nothing higher than a local college station. I have heard the difference. Sad
3) WQXR now has new (and a few) hosts. Sad.
4) Enough comments about the difference between what were and are commercial stations and those that are still non-commercial. Read between lines on that one.

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