Thursday, October 15, 2009

THURSDAY--Another Edition of:

With the weekly flip of the fedora to JIMMY CANNON

Nobody Asked Me But:

1) So nice to rediscover views and sites I had forgotten about for many years---Tallman Park at its highest point where it overlooks Piermont and The Hudson River.

2) There was a time when fruits and vegetables were seasonal. Now for mucho dinero the seasons come to you.

3) Would not the Earth be greener if we stuck with seasons and seasonal foods?

4) Pres. Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize and there is second guessing about its propriety. Maureen Dowd puts that into great comedic perspective in the NY Times (10/11/09)---the world, as Sally Field once said about herself---“likes us” (again)

5) If there are Gay Pride parades should there not be Heterosexual Pride parades---or, put another way, why does one have to have pride in one’s sexual orientation? It’s just an orientation. East is East, West is West, and so on for orientations.

6) People spend much money for discreet hearing aids and yet some use Blue Tooth wireless cell phones sticking to their ears like some aliens from outer space.

7) The old cliché is right---don’t wish for something –you just may get it.

8) Broadcast debates between candidates are not debates. They are photo/audio (if it is radio) ops with sound. Where are Lincoln/Douglas when we need them? Dead! Kennedy/Nixon? Dead.

9) Sad to say—few listen to radio debates so Bloomberg/Thompson are a non-event and Bloomberg dollars will win/buy the election because of attention deficit span and headline loving public that puts the NY Post over the NY Times.

10) No one gets old on TV because of re-runs for eternity---You Tube goes that medium one better---voices from the grave that live forever. Happy to hear it.

11) What a delight to see Ralph Stanley still going strong and being joined by Steve Martin at Carnegie Hall and having a book coming out.

12) I am looking forward to Theodore Bikel’s latest performances at The Yiddish National Theater (Folksbiene) at Baruch Performing Arts Center and my coming interview with him. 85 years and still a powerhouse of ideas and energy.

13) I can relate to the great Robert Altman idea for a Country Song title--- I’m Swimming Through The Ashes of the Bridges I Have Burned Behind Me.

14) Chesley Sullenberger has a great radio voice and is an intelligent and well spoken person, besides being one hell of a pilot.

15) The New Yorker had the greatest cover---well, covers—you will see why the plural, I have ever seen last week.

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