Monday, October 19, 2009

Some News & Views

A few comments about TRADITIONS on October 18th; a program that I found singularly interesting and appreciative of the audience reaction(s). Had to use the (s) since many of you called in. So a few comments about the sets and the artists seem appropriate:

Jonathan Edwards: I appreciate all your nice comments and I do apologize for the poor phone connection. Nobody seemed to notice so I guess my ear was more attuned to that. He will be, as you know, at Mexicali Blues on November 6. It portends (we must use $5 words whenever possible to keep this thing "classy") to be a sellout --so reservations are a must. Jonathan will not use $5 words. That is a promise.

Dana & Susan Robinson / Zoe Mulford What they have in common is that both of their CDs came in over the always open transom and are such that one has to hear them from start to end---and then start again. Their pictures are on the Playlist Page.

The Sets: As I said on the program we properly mourn and miss those who left us too soon. There were many. Yet, there are many of a "ripe" age and we should celebrate them---and we did. Glad many of you appreciated that---check the playlist. If you have any thoughts please do e mail me with your thoughts and requests.

As to some upcoming news. The news involves some upcoming guests and events:

THEODORE BIKEL will be joining me on SUNDAY SIMCHA on November 8 and, perhaps, on TRADITIONS on November 15 in anticipation of his latest performances in NYC in a wonderful production of SHOLOM ALEICHEM-LAUGHTER THROUGH TEARS. It will take place at the Baruch Performing Arts Auditorium of CUNY at Lexington Ave. & 25th St in NYC from Nov. 8 through Dec. 12.

BUSKIN & BATTEAU: They will be bringing their brand of music, wit, and personas to THE HURDY GURDY FOLK MUSIC CLUB on Dec. 5 but, possibly, they will be joining me earlier for a chat and some music. I have a slogan that I hope they adopt---or should they adapt it? Nope--adopt---it is original. "AFTER DINNER SWITCH FROM COINTREAU TO B&B---MUCH MORE CLASS..

That does it for the news---how about a few views Best to wait until Thursday for Nobody Asked Me But.... Well, a few random thoughts anyway---

1) The Internet covers the world so it seems pointless for me to make note of local issues here and of candidates who surely disappoint and really only seek higher office to inflate their coffers and their large egos. Though, that would be most of them in any case.
2) Without passing judgement on the family of the "balloon boy" (for want of a better word) it has to be noted that people are so commercialized or, perhaps, intrigued by reality shows and making a buck they have lost touch with good programming and what life is really about.

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