Thursday, October 8, 2009

THURSDAY--Another Edition of:

With the weekly tip of the hat to Jimmy Cannon

Nobody Asked Me But:

1) One cannot fault the younger generation(s) for not ever knowing of records and turntables since we cannot recall Edison Cylinders.

2) We cannot fault the current and older generations for not “getting’ the mean sounds of hip-hop and rap---that is subjective.

3) Mozart and Beethoven are still appreciated. Will Jay Z, Five Dime (where do those names come from?), or whatever be remembered and heard years ahead?

4) Letterman is of no import at all but one has to admit that his comments were witty and honest. Especially “...there is a fall chill in the air---nice—even a bigger chill in my home...”. Still---who cares

5) Why can’t cell phones just make phone calls? Period.

6) It seemed unimaginable that property that sold for the 25,000s in the 1960s now sells for the 900,000s .

7) My Real Estate Prof. in college was right---invest 1960 dollars and reap 2000 plus profits. Hope he is rich now and followed his own advice. Wish I did.

8) Some people love radio the way it was done so many years ago---live and personal. The current generation and kids only think of TV and, yet, there is still that kind of radio left on some segments when going to the left side of the dial. The key word is “some”.

9) What a delight to have had some young Girl Scouts come into the studio for a tour and discover the magic of radio.

10) Meeting some of the people you meet when doing a radio program is probably the best part of it.

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Anonymous said...

When I led a Girl Scout troup many years ago, I took the girls to a local radio station for a tour. They loved the experience and gained an appreciation for how complex a studio is. Without a picture in their mind, it likely wouldn't have ever appeared as dynamic as it is. How can sound only compete with picture and sound when you've not first developed "theater of the mind?"