Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Before a few other comments and updates let's see what is scheduled for the two programs that I host or co-host---

SUNDAY SIMCHA: Sunday, October 11 I am delighted and honored to leave the full one hour format of music and comedy to devote approximately 30 minutes of the program to an interview I recorded a few years back with Michael Oren.

Some years back I produced and hosted the TABLETALK program on WFDU's Weekend Omnibus---more on that later---and one of my interviews was with Michael Oren after the publication of his brilliant and highly readable book---Six Days Of War.

We conducted the interview sitting on the back porch of his parent's home in New Jersey and it may well be, arguably, the best interview of all the TABLETALK interviews. There are so many wonderful ones over the years but this one was unique in its honesty, openness, and also the wonderful informality he displayed.

You are all probably aware by now that he has been appointed the Israeli ambassador to the U S. There is an interesting story behind that which I will be talking of on the program. I will also be mentioning his growing up in New Jersey, his pride in his parents and their accomplishments, and how and why he is living in Israel. Any further questions you can always e mail me at after you hear the program.

Admittedly,this interview is about one of his many books---Six Days of War. We will be covering his takes on some great historical figures. Abba Eban, Levi Eshkol, Yitzhak Rabin, and some others.

This is one not to miss.

TRADITIONS: Besides the interesting and eclectic material that will be coming up as always I am delighted that Jonathan Edwards will be joining me on October 18 for a short while so that we can listen to some of the wonderful music he has made over the years and will now be bringing to MEXICALI BLUES in Teaneck, NJ on November 6.

Jonathan Edwards, who you see here, is one of those rare artists---I do not use the word entertainer which connotes something much less intense and focused for good reason. Jonathan Edwards takes a stage and his presence is felt on a personal level by all in the audience.

This is a show not to be missed. As I said on the air last week---"...if you go to Mexicali Blues and have only one opportunity to go there in November---this is the one".

You may all recall he is the composer of "Sunshine"--the hit of the 1970s and there is a great story behind this metaphorical song you will hear on the program. He also is an eclectic artist that excelled in so many different areas. The bottom line to all this is that he will grab your interest on the program and electrify you at his local appearances in the area. Wear non-static shoes and clothing so you will not be shocked.

SOME OTHER UPDATES AND COMMENTS: I do hope that some of you are---well, all of you---are following the Thursday version of the idea created by the great columnist Jimmy Cannon---"Nobody Asked Me But...". A good opportunity to bring up some issues and you should feel free to respond. Pro or Con. Of course I expect that some of you are pros and pretty sure, given the odds, some of you are cons that have not been convicted as yet. Isn't English a strange language---harder to learn than Spanish and more informal than Deutsch. Ach!!!

Earlier I had said "..more on that later" while mentioning TABLETALK. This is the later. It was a delight to do that show for some 6 years and also a real honor to meet some of the people that I was able to get onto the program---authors, actors, statesmen, composers, and just, as they say now in police lingo---"people of interest". All good things have to come to an end and I felt with the other two programs this was a bit of an overload and retired from it. The pay was the same as the other programs (though I thinka few more Zeros were added for that one). It was done out of love for the subjects as all the shows on WFDU are done. The replacement shows are truly wonderful and are what radio should be about----wide ranging topics, theater of the mind, and my favorite word---"eclectic".

Anyway---how about some thoughts on the following which should not be on Facebook or other public venues. This is private---right?

1) Mad Men on TV. I have a story to tell you there.

2) Curb Your Enthusiasm and it new season on TV

3) University Radio Stations and University Radio Stations that become Public Radio Stations and have no students or volunteers.

And, finally, a mention of one of the artists that I have recently featured on TRADITIONS---Janet Bates. I applaud her honesty and her heroism in her struggle with cancer. Honesty in making it public on her new CD with pictures and links to her blog on that subject and heroism in her strength in the fight. Finally, I separate that from her great talent, as I told her in our last communication.

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