Thursday, October 1, 2009

THURSDAY---Another Edition of--

With the weekly tip of the hat to Jimmy Cannon

Nobody Asked Me But:

1) In earlier years cars were “unsafe at any speed” now the drivers are “unsafe at any speed” with all the technology at their disposal. The technology at their disposal may well dispose them and unknowing drivers.

2)Speaking of technology---TV sets and transmission has gotten better and content has gotten worse. An inverse relationship

3) “Mad Men” is an addictive and well produced program.

4) Has anyone ever noticed the similarity between “House” and “St. Elsewhere” (including the exterior building shots)?

5) Semantics seem more important than the issues such as war, medical insurance, and such when they are “discussed”.

6) Everyday in the news and in personal meetings I find the old saw about not judging books by their covers quite true.

7) Gov. Paterson says he can beat Guiliani if it comes to that. Let us hope so since a Guiliani governorship could only be worse than his bullying and insensitive mayoralty.

8) Have you ever noticed how as children age they get more like their parents? Sometimes that is good and sometimes not so good.

9) Is there anything that is not found on You Tube and why do some people put it up there?

10) It’s so easy to give a credit card gift card rather than a gift to show how little you thought of selecting a real gift and then have it lose value for late use.

11) The world has changed so much from the days when the companies you know were owned by the companies you know. Now the companies you think you know are owned by hedge funds, investment groups, and conglomerates. You know you Kin Do It---Dunkin Donuts is owned by The Carlyle Group.

12) Cell phones are a great boon to society for making phone calls. Do they really have to do more than that?

13) WQXR. WNYC should really change the call letters (now that they own it) to WQXR—Modified. No religious programming allowed, lighter classical music has priority, and more such changes along with the move to the less powerful frequency. Classical music in NY (and web cast) has been saved by the Knight in Shining Armor (WNYC) and been modified to meet its standards.

14) WNYC has a great history of classical and an even better one as an intelligent “talk” station so it would seem that this would have been an opportunity not to dilute WQXR as they have planned but, rather, at time to return to WNYC's own classical roots and maintain WQXR's format

15) Hard to believe that 96.3 will no longer be WQXR on the Metro NY radio dial after all these years---sort of like someone filling in the Grand Canyon with landfill. It was a haven in a land populated by mostly trash.

(save for a few programs on some local stations but not in that league..) .

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