Thursday, September 24, 2009

THURSDAY--Another Edition of:

With the weekly tip of the hat to JIMMY CANNON


1) Pres. Obama seems to be over exposing himself on TV because there is a saturation point when interest is lost and the office becomes debased.

2) Sometimes Less is More.

3) The Emmy Awards are a bore. The winners were deserving of the awards and also had the least viewers which tells us about common denominators, taste, and network’s lack of wins.
4) Isn’t it hard to squeeze just a few lines into what could be an essay?---see above.
5) Have confirmations gotten as gaudy and “over the top” as Bar/ Bat (whoever heard of that aside from caterers) Mitzvahs? Best see “Keeping Up With The Steins” for perspective. Laugh and learn.

6) Some of the best artists are not in the mainstream and an evening spent at their venues is usually more satisfying than the big dollar and big name appearances.

7) How is it possible for the drug plans to have high co-pays and “doughnut holes” when some stores will sell you the generic versions of many for $10.00 for a 90 day supply?

8) If you truly believe you can become invisible you may well be right when you get into some super market checkout lines and the clerk keeps up a running conversation with the clerk on your other side. You are invisible. Have a Nice Day!

9) The late Peter Ustinov would be very upset with all those buses that flash “Have A Nice Day” on their front because he would not be able to respond to people who said that to him with his great riposte---“I HAVE OTHER PLANS”.

10) Why do people pay much money for discreet hearing aids and then stick the wireless cell phone things in their ears?

11) Utah has it right. Cell phones and texting while driving is more dangerous than drinking and driving and Utah has passed the strongest law against it. Perhaps initials are called for--- DWT---driving while texting/talking.

12) The answer to “How Many Roads Must A Man Walk Down Before They Call Him a Man” is, if you are religious--ONE. The aisle leading to your Bar Mitzvah or Confirmation. Then they have a party and everyone acts like a child again.

13) I am glad that Larry David, Mad Men, and House have started new seasons and still think Hugh Laurie should have gotten the acting award since he has truly enveloped his character in a difficult and different characterization for him.

14) It was gratifying to see the response to last Sunday’s Traditions program on WFDU.

15) I am glad to see that WFDU programs the eclectic variety that other stations don’t and/or have “dumped” in, sometimes, very unceremonious ways.

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