Monday, March 24, 2014


The first thing is to mention a wonderful concert that the BORDERLINE FOLK MUSIC CLUB put on in New City NY on 3/23 that featured the most amazingly talented group with the greatest stage presence you could imagine---BROTHER SUN.  I had the privilege (and that is the correct word) of introducing them and I appreciate all the kind words they said about me but, honestly, they are the talent.   I always feel a bit guilty when hearing those kind words from the artists since I am merely a conduit from radio or other places to spotlight the artists.  I thank them for the words and thoughts as I sit in a small studio and hope that people will recognize great talent that I don't have but the artists have in abundance .

Having written the last paragraph I will, not to be totally negative. I always wonder why other radio hosts are so delighted to be the focus of events they are part of but are made by the talents they present.   In all honesty I do admit to enjoying the laughs from the audience from my intros but that only preceded the important thing---talent.

 In thinking back on some of the radio programs I do and have done I always recall some wonderful conversations on  TABLETALK which I stopped doing a few years back.   I could list many a memorable one and still think of the program when I listen to WNYC and Terry Gross having had equally important people on the program.  I would do it again(in the blink of an eye) if given the opportunity---in a financial way.  Realism of life's financial needs is important.

All of the above leads us to the final philosophical meanderings that come in a very brief version.   I rcvd an insightful comment from a peer ( on the tennis court) aged 91 (amazing player) who said that he always followed his father's advice---take a risk.  He did and his father did and they both had losses but persevered.   I told him that my father had he opposite view and  I went that way.   Well, there is more to that tale and my mother's risk taking but, suffice it to say, my 91 year old friend made a valid point and he lives handsomely due to that advice and his own ability to build on that.   And, his genes.



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