Saturday, March 15, 2014


OH,  how many more droppings before the damned thing is totally empty?  It already feels a little light on the supply side.    On Facebook a person posted something about the hospital he visited recently and it was quite negative.  I had a similar experience there a while back and told him I would post this on my never so humble blog along with some other comments.  You know that there always other comments.

OK--libel threats be damned since truth is always the best defense.   Nyack Hospital is the facility the person commented about in his negative opinion.   I agree fully.   A short while ago I went there for some tests and they had to be re-done (if that is a term) because, as the technician administrating the test said---"...sorry about that but we are short of money and this is some really old equipment..."   There is a confidence builder.   By the way---the admissions people did not even know where the dep't was where I was supposed to go and when my apptmt was.

Later I contacted the administrator of the place and told him of this and also added that my wife worked at Nyack Hospital until her death.  It was, in my view, a wonderful place then.  In fact, we donated a large (all relative---I am not Bloomberg) to a plague in her honor to the place.   Totally gone.  I told the administrator about this and he said he would look into it---OR---would I like my money back.   I'll leave the expletives deleted.

From a wonderful local facility it has devolved, to me, into a 2d rate (if that) operation.   I will say, however, that I have heard nothing but good things about their Cancer care facility.

One last point now---not about Nyack Hospital.  Let us now critique the one hospital that advertises itself as the best cancer care anywhere.  Nice rhyming.   What do they say in Bklyn---faggedaboudit.   Some years ago I had, sadly, occasion to go there with my late wife who was recommended to go there and see a particular MD for her cancer.   The person who urged her to go there was her boss at Nyack---and well intentioned.   We went there and the result was ---you have a serious problem and we will get back to you.   4 weeks later she called and was told by the chief of radiology that if she cannot wait for treatment it would be best she go elsewhere since we are very busy and, hey, whatever happens--happens.   That was a fairly accurate paraphrase.  We did go to a great facility that truly cared for her and the MD who handled her case could not have been more competent and caring.  To this day I still admire him and am happy to say that I go to him for any issues (in Otolaryngology) I may have.   The facility is Westchester Med. Ctr. in Valhalla.   As to the doctor---contact me if you want to see him.

Perhaps, as I have done, it is best to find a facility and a practice that can best fill your needs.   My solution has been inconvenient but worthwhile----L I MDs and Winthrop Hospital.   I don't know if they have a slogan but any slogan is more truthful than the pomposity and error ridden one of Sloan Kettering---and they have no free parking which is so important to the next of kin  that bring their patients for their exit door to the world---I could not resist one last jibe.


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