Saturday, April 12, 2014

More Current Ill Affordable Brain Droppings

It has been a while so I thought some random thoughts--well, more than random but, rather specific ones were due after all that gestation in this aging thing inside the skull.

I am not linking this on Facebook but, rather, mentioning it there if anyone wants to visit---no snacks are served here.   Too much interconnection and lack of privacy in this new electronic age.  An age which, I believe, seems to evolve faster than any techno evolution over the years.   Hard for me to believe I still can just turn off a machine and start it again and it has fixed itself.  I recall testing tubes and hoping to find the right one that was broken.

In the "life was simpler department"  I do have to recall a few things.   Years ago when you purchased a home you talked with the seller (or broker) and looked it over.  Now prices are ten fold of what they were in the years I speak of and the buyer brings in inspectors (at his expense) and then one negotiates.   The sad part is that the prices are ten fold and the product is aged and will need (should a buyer desire) re-modelling or renovation.   A multi million dollar property on the ocean (or , can you believe it, a NYC apartment) eyes do not blink at the expenses.    The song was right---What a Wonderful World.   I would change the title to What A World We Live in .  Check the Sunday NY Times Real Estate for the "Big Deal" of the week---talk about the Bill DeBlasio's "2 cities" slogan---probably more like 3 or 4.   One could do a whole riff on slums of yore that now rent as "...chic studios (450 sq ft)  in hip (rundown) neighborhoods ..." for over $1,700/month.

Segueing from that to a friend in Texas who lives in a fine facility that provides him an apartment, amenities (personal trainer, gym, food, barber, etc;) for a cost of $1,700/month and purchase price of$160,000 (refundable when he leaves or dies and has not used the amenities).   The business is opening such a facility in NJ (which he told me about and sent the info)---prices are higher here in the NE---1 Bdrm aptmt---$450,000 and monthly charges $3,500 (approx).     If you have a reasonable pension or income---move to Dallas.  If not.   Stay here with us overpaying heirs to PT Barnum's definition of us.   I did not kow we came along every minute.   Seriously, though, hard to pull up roots and leave family behind but, as my Texas pal says in his drawl---"...hell, let em visit or faghged about em'/..."  Easy for him---his kids live 3 blocks away---though, in honesty, in Texas that could be miles since they keep bragging how big it is.    Some other time I shall relate his comments on the church of St. John the Divine in NYC when he visited with me a while ago---complimentary in a Texas way.

Time once again, as that old radio cliche goes, to go back to a programming theme and some comments about the programs.   Sunday Simcha,, for those of you who are sharp, is a encore (fancy word for re-run) of a show from 2008.   Passover has not changed so why should the show.   Elijah did not show up that time and still hasn't---so I, also, did not for 2014.    We did,however, celebrate the occasion.   As to the show---well, Dayenu---it would have been enough and so why overdo it.

Traditions has not been "encored" at all and each week, while presenting new material, I truly believe that, while there are many wonderful new pieces that are presented  to me and are incorporated into the program the old favorites, the features are what the audience (I hope that is you) want.  The wonderful new features--if they are that wonderful---will soon become old favorites---to mention a few---Brother Sun, Gathering Time., Kate Campbell, Christopher Brown, and so many more.

You know I feel a bit selfish if I were to say I am sharing them with you since I am not really doing that.   If I sent you a copy of one of the recordings I would be doing just that and when we have giveaways ( that is what I am doing---other than that I am merely a presenter and a conduit of some great talent.  The address linked above is where you can send comments, queries, request, etc;  Love to hear from you.

A few last items----
Your opinions are being solicited==

Years back it was assumed that we all would work less (shorter hours, etc;) with all the new technology.  How has that worked out for you?
Medical Insurance was affordable and easy to purchase (or rcve).  How has that worked out for you?
LBJ has been villified for Vietnam but did other things of benefit to the nation(by the way --he did not get us into Nam).  How  has that marked your thoughts?
Letterman retires, new host is chosen but wars and horrors occur around the planet.   What should a good news source be focused on?    (OK---I cannot resist---check the front pages of the NY Daily News and the NY Post for their priorities.  Nuff said.   How much does "rag" cost per pound these days?)

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