Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Some Updates and Videos of Interest

If you will click on the playlist link you will also see this video along with the commentary about Playlists once again being published on 2/24---and, I suppose, for eternity---however long we are granted on this earth.  Playlists in the hereafter are problematical.

At the end of this fairly brief missive there will be some videos from a trailer of a film I do not think you should miss---HAVA NAGILA, THE MOVIE.    See PLAYLISTS for more on that and my guest for Sunday Simcha on 2/24

A few other comments and suggestions--briefly.

March 9  The Acoustic Cafe will be featuring Buskin & Batteau---Nuff said---it is in Park Ridge NJ and they are 2 artists that are not to be missed.

March 10   Museum of The Jewish Heritage---Ghetto Tango.  A brilliant piece of work that I have featured many times on Sunday Simcha.  This features the original music director (Zalmen Mlotek)  with a whole new cast.

I will have more updates at a later time.  Suffice it to say that these few are so good they should keep you busy for a while.

Some other random thoughts---

I mentioned in a conversation I had with one of my interviewees that some of the most enjoyable and memorable musical moments are at local concerts, at house concerts, or coffee houses.  All these venues are personal and affordable.   They are truly more enjoyable the hyped performances in stadiums with the truly overpriced  tickets.

The second thought on that subject is---you have now overpaid and for that pleasure they add the following--a service fee (whatever service you got I know not),  a facilty fee (let them pay their own rent)
and---best of all---when it comes to Lincoln Ctr(Opera, Ballet,etc;)  all of the above AND--a donation requested to support them  Can they not live on over priced tickets and fees?   That is, truly, insulting.   Better to give to Cancer Research or some other worthy cause.   The "Geshrei from Rome " does not do it for me---check w/ me to know what I mean there if you have not figured it out/

OK---some videos now of that terrific film--


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