Monday, March 4, 2013

Some Updates and Coments

I am glad you skipped over here from the Playists.   Frankly,  I could have put this on that site but why dilute what should be only for the playlists and the commentary.   So---let me present a few thoughts and observations about some upcoming events and about both of the programs----

I do hope you will be coming down to the Museum of The Jewish Heritage on 3/10 (2 PM) for a terrific show that will be musically directed by Zalmen Mlotek---Ghetto Tango.. I will be there.  Please stop and say hello---or goodbye---whatever your choice.  

Some comments now about the 2 programs---SUNDAY SIMCHA & TRADITIONS.  A joy to be able to present them both to you on, probably, the only station left that allows such free-form and creative radio---WFDU.   Your support of that and the programs was truly appreciated.

I do now have a few questions which I hope you will be able to respond to--

1) SUNDAY SIMCHA----I am truly appreciative of the support and the folks tuning in (I could have said "listenership) but this sounds nicer.   I get more e mails and comments on that program than I do at TRADITIONS.  My question---Why?   You also get more freebies in the form of CDs there.
2)  TRADITIONS----Many times I ask for requests---comments, etc;   Nada.  I assume you like my choices of music and also the features.  Should you want to comment---please do.   Here or my e mail at

The only other item is to say what I always do at Sign Off Time----Stay in Touch and Stay Well---I am your Jewish Mother---do not disobey that edict.

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