Saturday, February 9, 2013

Some Updates and Some Varied Comments

Let's  start with some of the guests that I have on SUNDAY SIMCHA.   This Sunday we will be presenting the 2d half of my interview with Neal Barsky.  He is the filmmaker of the well recvd. documentary about Ed Koch---how timely is that? it is, truly, a film that will grab you and make you see the whole thing.  Trust me on this.   We follow in about 2 weeks with a conversation with the film maker of a truly brilliant film---HAVA NAGILA ==THE MOVIE.  You will be totally engrossed.      It will be in NYC in March---March 1 to be exact.   

These are the kind of things that, in addition to the music, I present to you each week on SUNDAY SIMCHA.  SO, keeping YIddishkeit on the air is up to you.  WFDU does what radio stations have to do---stick with what supports the station.  You get the point.  GIve me a call at 201 692-2012 or go to the website  

This brings me to TRADITIONS.  No sense in repeating myself. Suffice it to say that there is no other program that presents the eclectic sound and the sound of new and old that you, surely, appreciate.  Nowhere on the now defunct radio "dials".   Bottom line---your support is vital.   If there were dials WFDU would still be the right place on the left side---with your support.

On to another topic now.  As you know we do try to stay topical and there are some items that we can play on the air--musically.  Many of our singer / songwriters have come up with some meaningful material about current topics.  Gun control among them.  Music has helped many causes.  Especially if they were "anthems"  We play them on the program but we do not share our opinions given the parameters of that "bully pulpit".   SO, some brief thoughts and, I am sure, they have been voiced by others---

1) Why do we so protect the 2d Ammendment? We have voided and upgraded others.
2)  What is so unreasonable about limiting the amount of ammo in a clip---the weapon  is still there.  The Founding Fathes only had Muskets.
3)   People have died and still the dollars from the Lobby(ies)  for guns seem to influence and dominate the conversation.   The NRA and their spokesman contradict themselves at every turn.   At least the late and not lamented Heston said it like it was--for them.    

So, back to music now.   There are some great artist in our presence and I hope you will be appreciating them on TRADITIONS and also all the  new material we offer on SUNDAY SIMCHA.
By the way----this Sunday (2/10) I have the 2d half of my conversation with Neil Barsky.  The film  maker of the documentary about the (sadly) Ed Koch---KOCH.   Terrific film

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