Thursday, March 3, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of ..................

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon

1)         What wonderful support the pledgers to both TRADITIONS & SUNDAY SIMCHA  showed during our annual fund drive .   Meaning even more than the dollars garnered---“shekels”, I suppose for SUNDAY SIMCHA, were the truly kind and caring comments made by the callers---our radio family.

2)         Those of you who stuck around after Sunday Simcha for a while know I also stuck around with the bantering band of beatlemanics on Beatles 2x4 and joining us was Carl Kraus (Station Manager) and, as always Barry Sheffield (Program Director) and the leader of the band, Ghosty.  My thanks for all the kind words---and the good banter that ensued about the station, the hosts, and Sunday Simcha.

3)         Quite a few years back when I was still hosting TABLETALK I had the delight of having the wonderfully creative John Forster on the program.  He has created wonderful parodies ala Tom Lehrer, Children’s Music, and also a brilliant musical---ELEANOR.   You will surmise it is about Eleanor Roosevelt.    Requiring a large cast it is an expensive production to stage and, yet, there are regional theaters and schools that present it.  Now, having just attended a “reading”, it has been downsized so that it can be done at less cost with just a cast of 9.   Truly something not to be missed.  A whole new and wonderful take on Eleanor Roosevelt and how, truly, this was a 1st Lady and a glowing constellation in her own right.

4)         Why do people (politicos, FOX news pundits,etc;) always invoke Hitler?   Would it not be better to let him rest in whatever hell he is, hopefully, in and not let us recall a maniac that is equal to Lybia’s maniacal and  irrational leader.   Sometimes it is best to let people enter the dustbin of history rather than keep their memory alive.

5)         Is it possible that the NY NJ CT metro areas charge the highest tolls in the nation and if so why?

6)         If most bridges and tunnels accept EZ Pass and read the license/ pass numbers why does the TBTA insist on keeping electronic arms (gates) on those lanes?  My theory is that it is just another means for them to harass the paying public and allow the “officers” to slowly amble over to malfunctioning ones and make sure that the driving public is further annoyed.

7)         What is so rare as a day in June?  Probably nothing after this horrible winter and a sweltering summer in future.

8)         The folks putting on the Spiderman fiasco are quite correct---don’t open, keep previewing, and keep raking in the money from the tourists and those who think they are on to something really special---and they are.  Something, it seems, pretty awful.  Hope that all the Medical Insurance premiums from the producers is up to date.

9)         Whatever happened to drama and musicals with depth and character and without special effects?

10)    See the comments above about “Eleanor”.

11)  When did the definition of "reasonable" for the cost things change?   At least it happened over time while in Argentina and Germany (1930s) it happened hourly.

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