Thursday, March 10, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of.............

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon

1)  Why does NPR keep apologizing for firing Juan Williams?   I thought when you do the proper thing you do not apologize.

2)       I have often wondered why it is that folks try to make up for their transgressions to other people when they are facing serious personal problems.  That is like figuring that making amends will clear things up from some greater power just like figuring out a lottery number having something other than random significance.

3)       A person walked into a bar.   You really expected more because someone walked into a bar.  Well, if he walks out fairly sober that is a plus and a lousy punchline.

4)       Polka Party time has arrived at WFDU---and given the glitch on day one and last week’s glitch  I will avoid Polka jokes---though I am still trying to figure out who put the weed in the Kielbasa (credit Bob Franke for his song about the “Acid Polka”)

5)       On a serious note---try Bflat Minor. That is serious and portends bad things coming---musically.   Which brings us to DJs who work weddings, bar-mitzvahs, etc; and equate volume with quality.  Only happy people are Audiologists for the after effects.

6)       Thanks to technology and things like You Tube no one ever really dies or leaves us---only the person.   As some philosopher once pointed out ---reality is ephemeral. So, now to metaphysically speak with some folks I have missed for a long time---Kate Wolf, Harry Chapin---and most importantly---my wife.

7)       Speaking of music as we were before.  3 notes walk into a bar---but one leaves so that leaves a 5th between and they lost their sobriety.

8)       Today’s numbers are numbing---Bronxville residents (who can, surely, afford it) pay an average of $43,000 in R E Taxes (NY Times) and I cannot fathom such numbers.

9)       Marriage is sacrosanct to the Right Wing folks such as Newt Gingrich.  It means so much to him that he has partaken of it 3 times.  This Newt really grew up to be a  big fish and is still trolling that old pond for partners----but they must be of the same gender (let us not mention sex---that is an act now, it seems). 

10)Donald Trump running for President would be like living in Rome when Nero played his Strad (OK Stradivarius came years later---poetic license).   Can anyone picture the head egotist on a level with the likes of even the worst of the Presidents---you choose.

           11)      Perfect Pres. ticket for 2012---Trump/Palin---either it guarantees a Dem. Win or we become a “has-been” nation being lead by scrapings of the bottom of a barrel that started with the cream---you know who they were---and were---until recently.


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