Friday, February 25, 2011

Program Notes And A Few Updates

It is never too late to mail an e-mail pledge as the annual (and only)  pledge drive winds down. You can also call either program this Sunday to pledge---if you are listening on the internet we would love to know that.   At the present time my thanks for all the support you have shown both programs---SUNDAY SIMCHA & TRADITIONS. 

So far so good for that slogan for SUNDAY SIMCHA---KEEPING YIDDISHKEIT ON THE AIR---WFDU.  I am sure if you wanted such a bumper sticker---what car is complete without one---you can contact the station and they will order them.

Now for a few updates---both programs will be pre-recorded (but new material) on March 6 for reasons of some familial obligations---and as one would say for Sunday Simcha---some Nachas (sure cannot spell that--just pronounce it).  In fact those Nachas will be reflected on the Sunday Simcha program with a reading and some music that we have played before but fits here so well----and is so meaningful on the topic.   That airs at 10 AM Eastern Time---and, of course, streams on the web.  

Now to TRADITIONS---as always we start with some new recordings BUT one of those "new" recordings put me into mind of older material that should, like the great composers of other genres,, be considered classics.  We will be starting the program with a brilliant "new" recording of the re-mastered works of Stan Rogers from the vinyl days---and we will end the program with a great story song from him as well.   In between---well,  you know the features,  and those recordings and voices that we should not be forgetting about in the flood of wonderful newer material---well, some wonderful and, honestly, we don't play those for you.  But that is, of course, subjective but, I believe we know each other by now.  You will surely hear some favorites.

Speaking of your favorites.   Your requests via e mail are always welcome--  You can call during air time as well but e mail is better since the show usually prepared in advance for a smooth flow of the material we have for you---and me----basically,  US.

We have, as many of you know, played music speaking to various subjects over the years---religion, politics, civil rights, etc;   Always in the hope that it might make a difference and also in general terms because each situation has its own unique issues.  Some songwriters have, as many of us do, knee jerk reactions to current events and feel that they have to offer us material that they believed fits the mold of "protest" music.   You won't hear it hear---I promise you.   As said; each situation is unique.   So as not to be obscure and also not to single out a particular topic let me just say---Unions are the general theme we would play and support--Unions on a specific issue such as the doings in Wisconsin are another issue and playing knee jerk reactions that some songwriters think is expected of them is something I will not do.  I know we can discuss this but this is not the forum---go to Facebook if you want to comment.   After all the programs are for entertainment---and hopefully---to leave you with some things to think about.  Something you do not get on mainstream radio.   That's another topic.

Since I mentioned both SUNDAY SIMCHA & TRADITIONS a few shots now from some music that you will be hearing----first on TRADITIONS--a sample of some great Stan Rogers material and then for SUNDAY SIMCHA the piece of music that puts the program into perspective given the Nachas I spoke of---and a representative of the organization you will hear about on the 3/65  program will join me in the near future---but this song will give you a hint of what is coming on 3/6

And now----for SUNDAY SIMCHA

As to Fred Small---I have to add a few comments. He has written so many marvelous musical moments that give us a historical perspective to things----including the Native Americans---and is now a Unitarian Minister, an attorney, and still writing great music.

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