Thursday, February 24, 2011

THURSDAY---Another Edition of..............

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)     While recording some material for my radio program it came to me how sometimes it really pays to go in the collection of material from a while back and re-discover some of the wonderful work so many artists have done.  It should not be forgotten while the new is always the thing we expect will interest an audience there is a treasure trove of music that should not be forgotten.   If this station were WQXR the audience would expect Beethoven, Bach, and Brahms---so WFDU audiences will surely welcome hearing Seeger, Ochs, Wolf, Chapin, and Paxton---and let us not forget Small.  Classics are classics.

2)     I have always liked what my station manager once said to me about some interviews I had done.   The fact such interesting people come on the program is always a delight and honor and he—being humble about  WFDU—said, “ ...hell, if your  mic had the banner  W S H I T wrapped around it they would still come---it is radio”. Loved that line on many levels.

3)     There are classics of yore and newer ones.  While live theater and films of significance beat out the “special effects”  meaningless mess there are no TV programs of late that offer anything close to a moment of theater---save one---of quite a few years back.  Homicide---and, never shown in theaters, Homicide—the movie.  Not Shakespeare but classic for our day.  As classic as the ending of Mash.

4)     I am sick and tired of the people who equate the Wisconsin malcontents because they might have some of their over the top pay and benefits reduced to bail out an insolvent state (thanks to them to a great extent) to the Middle East rebellions (revolutions) by people under the yoke of various tyrannical dictatorships.

5)     Buck passing is becoming such a great career move---Firefighters (in NYC) blame cutbacks for a delayed response---that was NOT delayed.   Anyone in an emergency always think the response took too long when, in fact, it was in minutes---as was this.

6)     Is it called the “boob tube” because of the crap on the tube of for the porno (even HBO ) presentations?

7)     Great program on HBO this evening, the above notwithstanding.   Thurgood.   Enough said.

8)     Whenever you think you have run out of ideas some wonderful things fall into your lap---you will see the results if you tune in to Sunday Simcha and Traditions in the next few weeks.   I should really keep a pad and pen next to my bed while these ideas come abounding---beats those other pads I should be buying.

9)     The English language is truly hard to navigate for a non-speaker trying to master it.  Think of the letters “ch”.   How would one pronounce them?  “K” as in “ache”  or “TCH” as in “touch” of “choose”?  How about “gh”—“go” as in “ghost” or “F” as in “cough”?   Strange and tough choices.

10)                      A true linguistic story.   For years (having come from Europe and knowing that “PH” is pronounced as “F”---as in my friend’s name---Phillip I was certain that, when we went to look for a couch, I was correct in the pronunciation of what I was looking for---quality UFOLSTERY ---hey, “ph”.   Who knew?   Years went by and no one would believe I was serious.  Oh well, now back to thinking up schemes that might profit me in my search for some chemical items that my friend Phillip could use in his ufolstery cleaning while he wears his holster which is not ufolstered.   The Marx Bros. got it right. 


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