Monday, March 21, 2011

Some Insights from March 20 Playlist

As was noted in the comments at the start of the Playlist for Traditions of March 20 (link is above) the audience for both Sunday Simcha and Traditions are truly knowledgeable in the music that is offered on the programs.  It made me realize that while you are listening I am also getting an education in much of the material offered by your comments, suggestions, and also your questions. As an aside---your calls yesterday were certainly uplifting except for one caller (who some of you picked up on when I answered your calls---that person is in serious need of medical/mental intervention).

You will recall that yesterday I asked for which of the 3 versions of Rivers of Babylon that were played was the most popular among you.   Having rcvd 10 votes I can tell you that it was close but by this tally---
BONEY M                         3
LAURA WETZLER           3

You see who came out on top.  But amongst all the calls there were some interesting comments regarding many other versions and one caller requested Bob Marley (which was not  in our library and I did not have with me) and another pointed out that he believed that the original version was done by THE MELODIANS.  All good points and I will on April 3 play some of those for you---So many others have recorded this gem---Don McLean, Sweet Honey In The Rock, Sinead O'Connor, Linda Rondstadt, and---you know--the famous many others.

It started out in  1970 when written and recorded by Brent Dowe and Trevor McNaughton for their group---The Melodians (a Rastafarian group) and its metaphorical interpretations have been used in many faiths (it is based on Psalm 137 of the Jewish Liturgy) and that is what attracted me to focusing on this piece.  It is now used by Reform Jewish Congregations, Unitarians, Rastafarians, and more.  Just as Amazing Grace, it transcends one particular culture or faith.  You can be assured that it will get played (as it has) in one version or another on Sunday Simcha as well.

Since it was not possible to honor the requests yesterday on Traditions (on air) it will be featured next time as I said; but, in the meantime---the original group thanks to the input by one of our loyal and knowledgeable listeners---which is what this kind of radio station and programming is really all about:

If you have any particular piece of music in the format (which is pretty wide) for either program that you would like to have a focus in depth please let me know via e mail or comments on this page.

Since Rivers of Babylon and Babylon are metaphorical and there was a request for Bob Marley (which could not be  honored) let us give a listen now to Bob Marley doing Babylon ---and its metaphorical meaning for all of us---even at this time of more wars in the Middle East

Stay In Touch---Stay Well!!

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