Thursday, March 17, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of....

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon

1)       Tragedy abounds and so does irony in the fact that Japan embraced nuclear energy as so much of the world did------including U S.

2)       You have to know the expression “penny wise/pound foolish” is correct when you think of folks saving some pennies to ride the laxly operated buses from Chinatown.  Bet they would not get on an airplane that had reckless, tired, criminal pilots—and the airlines are kept in check.  That is worth some pennies for sure.

3)       It is always such a delight and honor to find that the folks that have pledged to Sunday Simcha and Traditions always honor their pledges.  Must be some sort of a wonderful record to have just about 100% fulfillment of pledges when most public stations are happy (I believe) to rcve. Some 20% or so in their efforts.

4)       You really have to feel the pain of the Bronxville, NY homeowners having to support the salaries of teachers when they have to pay some $48,000 in R E taxes annually.  It must be truly painful for them to maintain expensive exclusivity by hoping to deny a living wage to others.

5)       What delight that in London a sunken galleon was found and it contained the original Round Table of King Arthur---the discovery was authenticated by the  initials of the Knight who created it carved into its side---Sir Cumference

6)       Tis the day of St. Patrick and we are all wearing the Green.  With me it is my complexion.  Anything to stay current.

7)       The thought for the day is---let us forget history (which is hard to do) and mourn those who’s forebears wished us ill ---on both sides of this sad feuding world.

8)       The other thought might well be---Always Stay On The Sunny Side---and keep a good sense of humor.  That will get you through much difficulty.  Always recall why the chicken crossed the road.  Surely, you know.


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