Thursday, March 24, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of............

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon.

1)       “Trust” is a word in the title of many banks.  Given their propensity for self interest (plus the interest they charge vis a vis what they pay out) the use of that word combined with “bank” is an Oxymoron.

2)       That was a truly moving piece on NPR about the returning Veteran and his PTS and the truly professional police response to the incident that occurred. Now one does have to wonder why his father thinks keeping an arsenal in his house is such a good thing, how it is that an emotional and very professional female police officer can calm the situation, and best of all not have anyone shoot this poor soul.   He is now recovered thanks to judicial intervention to get him into a VA facility.   One other thought----where was the Govt or the VA prior to all this?

3)       With the 100th Anniversary of the tragedy at the Triangle Shirt Waist Factory it is good to see so many tributes and, yet, it was a tragedy that need not have occurred.  Watch the wonderful documentary on the subject on HBO and also the honest comments by a descendant of the partners who owned the place.

4)       You have to love it when the NYPD decides to personally apologize for a bicyclist’s speeding ticket---he was going 25 MPH when bikes are limited to 5 MPH (in 1911).  In fact the limit is 25 MPH—just like cars.

5)       The Book of Mormon sounds like a really “fun” show with a clever concept.  Can you imagine a spoof musical about Islam getting produced and, better, not having a Fatwa placed on the writers and cast?

6)       Why do people keeping so much money to see a show that never seems to open?  They can see a car crash for free if they wait on the street long enough and would be just as entertaining as Spiderman.

7)       True story I was reminded of recently while doing a radio interview---
                 Many years ago there was a comedian who I knew---Dennis Wolfberg.  He won a few stand-up awards after he gave up teaching and started performing.  One of his great routines was about taking his South Bronx students on a field trip---his dialogue with a student follows (loses something if you do not hear it)---
               S(tudent)—Hey, Wolfshit, where we goin’?
               W(olfberg)—First of all my name is WolfBERG---and to you it is Mr. Wolfberg
                S-----Hey, man, I didn’t know you was married.

          Dennis Wolfberg died very young—just when he was at the start of a great career.


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