Thursday, September 2, 2010

THRUSDAY---Another Edition of ......

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon:


1)   When I hear the donor (i.e. commercials) for Sloan Kettering Hospital trumpeting—“....the best Cancer care anywhere...) I cringe at the pomposity they exhibit.   Whatever happened to “Truth in Advertising”?   Gilbert and Sullivan had it right---“I’ve got a little list of society offenders that never would be missed”.

2)      Tennis is a totally changed game. Fantastic rackets, Women on an equal footing with the men, and pricing for the fans to equal and surpass that of Baseball, Football, etc;  Can I interest you in a $70 T Shirt or a re-sale ticket for over $300.00? The old time scalpers were kinder and you did not have to buy a mortgage approved lunch or dinner at the site.
Interestingly there are no—(hardly any) –U S stars now which makes one wonder how much more support Chinese and Eastern European competitors receive.

3)      Political correctness means no more Virginia Slims tournaments (remember them?) and “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby”.   True though!!

4)      You have to think the Geo. W. Bush photo op videos of him informally meeting returning Service Personnel at a Texas airport a bit odd since he never quite got to Dover for anything close to that.  Guess he hates to be depressed---that’s for other folks.

5)      But only a few more months to switch gears from complaining about heat (and high A/C costs) to grousing about cold (and high heating costs).   You have to love Autumn---no complaints.  Unless you hate colors.

6)      Labor Day is almost upon us and Labor deserves its well earned moment.  Now that the pendulum has swung might we expect a Management Day or has that already been profitably usurped by the Financial Industry which seems to have every day as its day---even the days when the government bails them out and the bonuses still arrive?

7)      Al Jolson was right when he said he had a “million of ‘em”  ---they just keep coming and they are too easy.  Which brings us to the question of shooting fish in a barrel---is that more fun than a barrel of monkeys?   I bet neither were happy.  Fish in a barrel nor Monkeys.  People did get into barrels to go over Niagara Falls---they were not happy ---just stupid.

8)      I am anxiously awaiting the final scenes of the self produced in real life Glen Beck Story which I have a funny feeling will look a lot like the end of A Face In The Crowd.

9)      The NPR series on the USS Kirk is one of the most moving and never before told tales of the Viet Nam War.

10)                    The fellow who blackmailed David Letterman got out of prison today which made me wonder how people like Letterman (and many others of fame and fortune) find the time for these dalliances.   Probably good that I do not have a staff for my radio programs after all.  I just have myself to dally with.

11)                    Geo. Orwell was very prescient but had his dates wrong about perpetual war.  

12)                    Joining the minority, as always, I never understood the mystique about Frank Sinatra---though I surely appreciated his acting talents.

13)                    Pres. Obama had it right regarding “surrender ceremonies”---the only realist around.  See #4--“W” thought he had his own ceremony---flight costume and all.

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