Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Starting with a few comments about this coming Sunday's Edition of TRADITIONS; There is, as always, at the beginning of the program  some interesting new material that has come in over the always open transom and then we will, as always, visit the regular features but for a FOCUS this week I thought a bit of time recalling some of the people I played in my early years here---some 16 yrs ago now.   I realized how good and valid they were and still are---hell, Mozart and old Ludwig are still around (to drop a few names--of personal friends).If you have any people you want to hear from those years just let me know here or via e mail to  Here is a brief video of one of the artists you will be hearing:

Hopefully you have good speakers for this wonderful sound you just heard.
If too many requests for this week I will surely play them in weeks to come---Remembrance and appreciation of artists of yore is always good.

One last comment---2 weeks ago the wonderful "Wild About Harry" fest on LI was featured but you heard all the wonderful artists covering Harry Chapin---this week one of his truly memorable and least heard songs---perhaps you will guess what it is. Tune in for the answer.

SUNDAY SIMCHA---as is traditional this is the New Years Program so my wishes to all for a peaceful and fruitful (unless you are allergic to "fruitful" New Year---La Shona Tova. I promise you an interesting and enjoyable program---and also some laughs in our Comedy Corner segment---New Years should be joyous---you know like the secular one on ---what is it the Gregorian Calendar---or is the Julian Calendar named after Julius Marx aka Groucho.

Don't  forget you can always receive us on the web at and the show(s) will be archived there for 2 weeks so no pearls of wisdom will be lost should you want to re-visit the shows in search of a more fulfilling life.

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