Thursday, July 22, 2010

THURSDAY --Annother Edition of....

A flip of the fedora, as always, to Jimmy Cannon :


1)            First it’s drought then its huge drenching and windy storms.  Whatever happened to moderation in the moderate climate?

2)            The NY Times reported that many children of high-powered friends of Mayor Bloomberg have gotten summer internships in the NYC Government.  Why am I not surprised?   Why am I not surprised that most people in public (and non-public) office would do the same---as did Mr. Giuliani.

3)            It seems to me that the last truly idealistic mayor in NYC was the much demeaned John Lindsay.

4)            Eric Bogle had it right in his “ Silly Slang Song”===” you remember when gay meant happy---oh what we have done to the mother tongue”.

5)            It is pretty rare these days to find doctors that still have real people answering a phone, have a positive personal relationship with you.  I am blessed with two of them.  Even more so since they are so good at what they do.

6)            I recall the halcyon days when people looked up and ahead of themselves and not down at their hands while they “twittered” or some such activity.  But, I suppose, back in the days of Socrates some bemoaned the invention of scrolls because it might prevent us from oral discourse.

7)            Some questions arise regarding the new play about Bernie Madoff (Imagining Madoff):
a.    Why a moral tale about a scoundrel?
b.    Why involve Elie Weisel in this fiasco? (He threatened to sue---and that ends his part in it)
c.   If Elie Weisel truly lost everything in the Madoff fiasco how does he still make ends meet and also retain attorneys?
d.   Shakespeare wrote plays dealing with morality and this seems to be nothing more than a tabloid sensational about a plain old criminal.  (I have not seen the play—and will not).
e.   Don’t plan on seeing it since it is “postponed”---read---cancelled.  If only Bernie were cancelled prior to his shenanigans---and the participation of the get rich quickers that he conned.

8)            TV is biblical in many ways.  Think of this ---Leave It To Beaver begat All In The Family which begat Married With Children which begat The Simpsons and that begat the brilliant envelope pushing outrageous (and funny) Family Guy.

9)            You have to love the car commercials and all the great things they can do---from driving up to mountain tops and fording great waters and traversing deserts.  How come they never show how they can handle traffic jams on The Cross Bronx Expressway or the various bridges and tunnels?   Better they should promote the CD players that can relax you in your overpowered portable palace.

10)      Sarah Palin is now an author, TV personality, Speaker, and one who never mentions that her idealism is for sale for very large bucks.  Amazing how she has become so “knowledgeable” and “informed”  so quickly.  Chris Smither’s song about Harry Truman was right on---

11)      So many people have tattoos these days it got me to thinking that if you have a DNR order in place and an emergency strikes with no next of kin around (with the documentation) what about a tattoo of it on your butt (or as the Brits say—Bottom)?

12)      TV in the summer is only good if you want to see the trash that was on the networks previously---BUT---Cable has some great  new alternatives one of the best starts its 4th season this Sunday.  Mad Men
13)            Here is a good riposte for someone you find irritating when he says----
”What is your opinion—I value it?”    “No you don’t—you just want to tell me yours and I care not a whit about it”. 
OK-- true story. Everything I learned from Dale Carnegie was a gem.

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