Sunday, July 18, 2010

An Event Update and A Few Musical Comments

Starting with a few musical comments.   Harry Chapin is known for a number of songs ---just as Tom Paxton is known for some songs that no person realizes he wrote.  Harry Chapin is known, of course, for Taxi, Cats In The Cradle and for the real believers a few others.  For the true aficionados there are more.  So many more.   Yet there is one song which seems to have eluded many since it was written for a musical he composed and was not on any of his recordings---only on the original cast album  In fact, if memory serves, it was on his trip into the city to work on the show that the fatal crash occurred.   Cotton Patch Gospel was the show and it is still being performed by various school and amateur groups around the country.

Jesus in Atlanta and the Gospel told in those terms---musical terms is the basis of the show.   Some great music in it and one song  in particular has always grabbed me and it is, of course, on the original cast recording (you might find it on the Harry Chapin website).  I speak of "Jubilation" which was performed by Scott Ainslie in the original cast and who came many moons ago to our local library benefit program and at Tom Chapin's request joined him in doing the song---here is Tom Chapin doing it with the brilliant Michael Mark (I have not video of Scot Ainslie)

There are many other great songs in that show and if you can find the recording it is truly something to cherish---Harry Chapin as a Bway Musical Creator with a terrific show.

Which brings me to the events update---AUGUST 9. The annual Harry Chapin night at Eisenhower Park in Long Island (around 7:30). It is a very well attended Free concert (just bring some food for the local food banks---the price of admission---you know of Harry Chapin's cause about Hunger) and of the many performers there that evening Judith Zweiman has taken me up on the suggestion of doing "Jubilation"-=--she can do many things but Gospel is something she excels at and last year she blew the house (well, there is no house there) away. Hope to see you there.

One last item---and you will hear more of it on TRADITIONS this coming Sunday. Pete Seeger and a new CD produced by David Bernz and Danny Einbender called "Tomorrow's Children" (Appleseed Recordings). There is a great story behind this and how it came to be---you will hear it on TRADITIONS this coming Sunday along with some of the tracks from this most meaningful and important piece of work.

SInce we cannot give the store away---here is the cover of the CD which contains some wonderful liner notes by David Bernz---carrying on the tradition of Pete Seeger, Lee Hays and so many more. He is, as you probably know, one of the founders of Work O The Weavers----for that alone I add---bless that man.

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