Thursday, July 29, 2010

THURSDAY ---Another Edition Of.....

 The weekly tip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon :


1)      Why would news outlets make a point of talking about how certain individuals (BP Exec) are not getting golden parachutes since a pension of over one million a year and a payout of the rest of his contract ( another few million) when the average reader/listener makes less than $75,000/per annum and has to pay exorbitant medical insurance costs (among other things)?  Hard to believe that empathy or even comprehension of this outrage is expected.

2)      The line between Madoff machinations and the legal corporate compensation for failure is a really thin one. 

3)        I always wanted to be a “Mad Man” back in that time and now I doubt I would have handled the changes very well.  Though I did have a great idea for the premiums for the radio offers for the kid’s programs between 5-6 PM.

4)      Does anyone recall when you tested tubes and did not have the instant gratification the internet world and solid state world gives us?  Patience is a virtue; it is said.

5)      Amazingly a sandwich at The Meadowlands race-track costs over $15.00, hot dogs not much less---Yankee Stadium and Shea (CitiPark) ditto, pretzels $7.00 .  For a bargain and some good food for reasonable prices try the Cyclones Ball Park in Bklyn.  Better yet---eat before you go---if you must go.

6)      Allan Sherman had it right when speaking (singing) of high price Kosher sandwiches---“ better be able to see the pastrami coming through the rye”.

7)       It is amazing to realize that some films that are my favorites are anywhere from 10-50 years old now---and one that I had never seen but recently saw the DVD version of the 1934 film---Here Comes Tomorrow.  Just brilliant.

8)      If you love Harry Chapin’s work and you also want to help the food pantries in Long Island you might want to go to the free concert on Aug. 9 at Eisenhower Park (Hempstead NY).  Put together by Stuart Marcus the price of admission is some canned food for the pantries---the name of the concert---Just Wild About Harry.

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