Thursday, April 8, 2010


The weekly flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon.


1)    Why does it seem so important to the public to know about Tiger Woods and his emotions and his career---perhaps media hype?  He has got to learn to control his putts during the masters.  The “Masters”—is that short for something?
2)    The Palestinian efforts in Israel seem a carbon copy of Israeli efforts vis a vis Britain and the Arab nations back in the 1940s.  History does repeat and not always for the better.
3)     When did we stop fighting righteous wars of self defense and start fighting wars as a “business” matter for varied interests and expending the lives of “volunteers” (mercenaries in need of a career move)?  
4)   Scientists have discovered a new “heavy” element.  Damn, I sure wish I knew what they are all talking about---I once saw a “heavy” person taking up two seats on a Subway car.  Is that a Heavy Element or just an overweight slob?
5)   I have always wondered why some people just have all the bad happenings in their lives.  The first female Chief of the Cherokee nation died this week at age 64---Wilma Mankiller (don’t let the name confuse you)---after surviving many serious physical problems.  There are so many more---including the widow of Norman Mailer—who rises above it all even in danger and pain.
6)    It was a delight to see so many appreciative folks at a luncheon presentation at LIU (in Rockland---why is LIU in Rockland?) by an expert on old time Radio.  It did, however, make me wonder why people so want to live in the past---one comment from the speaker—“ comedians like that anymore”.  No.  True. Different and clever and topical ones are there though---leaving the shock ones aside (who serve no useful purpose other than shock—which is not comedy).  Think of the likes of Stewart, Carlin, Colbert, etc;  Surely on a par with Fred Allen, Jack Benny, and all those greats the speaker dwelled upon---though—me—I never liked the Abbot and Costello “Who’s on First” routine---his audience adored it and that, in short, is why I do not book acts.
7)     It surely makes sense to me that the  airlines will be charging for food and drink since less people will buy it and that means less people will be using the toilets that they are starting exact a fee for use.  The airlines are always thinking how to stop obesity in the interest of getting more seats on the craft.  Makes sense.
8)   MOMA has an interesting concept with its latest exhibit.  Just get people to sit at a table or stand naked in an entry way and let the world know they are performance artists.  P T Barnum was so far ahead of his time in knowing what people would pay to see.
9)    Joe Welch once asked Sen. McCarthy “...have you no shame, sir?”.  Well, he didn’t but in less serious matters neither do people like Ex-Gov. Spitzer.  Many programs want his self proclaimed expertise so he leaves his Father’s offices from time to time to expound on matters---he, of course, an expert in “Chutzpah”.
10)                    Why are some people so disappointed  when their “friends” on Facebook  disappoint them.  “Friends” on Facebook are what “To My Pal so and so” is when a fan gets an autograph from a celeb.

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