Thursday, April 15, 2010


A tip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)    With all the TV channels available the main content is commercials.  Add to that, mostly, repeats of old programs and you have to wonder if less was not better.
2)   Let’s see if I have this right---the farmer raises a crop and the manufacturer makes a product but the financial interests move paper around, create shadow companies, collapse and then the taxpayers who raised crops and made products bail them out but no one bails out the taxpayers who created wealth and product.
3)    Oh WAMU how you and your investors got screwed.  Oh Chase what nice gifts you got for the holidays. Oh Obama administration how wonderful that the creators of this problem are resolving it in their best interests.
4)   It was so sad to hear of all the deaths on the Polish airplane that carried so many of the Polish hierarchy---but given the age of the plane, the instructions to the pilot, and the fact that all those important people were aboard it turns out to be a very Dark Polish Joke---especially given the destination and the timing.
5)   The father of the Trampoline died.  He was 96.  When the writer of The Hokey Pokey died I wonder if he was able to keep his left foot in and then his right foot out and then turn them all about before they closed the casket.  Hard to do.
6)    Who recalls when, before WNET Channel 13 was PBS, they presented The Play Of The Week?  A live play re-played for the week---some great classics with some great artists. 

7)    Since it is easier to be struck by lightning than to win the lottery I wonder if anyone ever won the lottery and then got struck by lightning since it happens more often.
8)   If you are in a bracket where you do not pay income tax does that mean you don’t own a piece of things like submarines, jets, governmental agencies, etc;?
9)   There was a time when you needed a horse and buggy to get around.  Now you have to pay $50 for a 20 minute ride in Central Park---and you do not go anywhere you need to go.
10)                    It has to be asked why people buy cars like certain models of Mercedes Benz that require $300.00 oil changes (special oil) and have the transmission dipstick locked so that no gas station can check the fluid.  The lock has to be cracked to open and then—guess what---you have to buy a new lock.  Whatever happened to “simple is better”?  But then you don’t get a mint on your dashboard along with a big thank you---or is it Danke Schoen?

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