Monday, April 5, 2010


Yesterday, on TRADITIONS, you are aware of some wonderful guests---and one I was not able to put on because of time limitations. That one was Sharon Katz. A long time mainstay of this program. A few e mails did arrive asking about her from the piece of her music that was played on the program.

So--let's give you a list of some upcoming shows (and also our guests) and a few videos of them:

First is Sharon Katz at Joe's Pub on April 6 at 8 PM

Second:: This Thursday (April 8) at THe Turning Point in Piermont NY

That is Pat Wictor---unfortunately there is no Abbie Gardner solo I can put here---but trust me---after you buy my bridge---she will WOW you----and forget that inane bumper sticker.

On April 10 the Hurdy Gurdy Folk Music Club in Fairlawn, NJ presents, what is to me, and event that should be witnessed by anyone who wants to recall or discover the music of one of the brilliant and meaningful musical and political people of his era---Phil Ochs.  Were it not for his early demise it may well have been possible that his fame and talent would, in the end, have eclipsed Bob Dylan. A Phil Ochs Song night  will be presented and hosted by his sister (who keeps the candle of memory burning) with a host of wonderful talents who also find Phil Ochs of great importance .  To name a few--Kim/Reggie Harris, John Flynn, Greg Greenway, Magpie---and , you know,  the famous many others.

And now we arrive at April 24 and The Tarrytown Music Hall and the concert that we talked of on TRADITIONS on April 4 with David Bernz (producer) and Rob Tepper(Woody Guthrie performer).  Kisses Sweeter Than Wine is the name of the concert that will feature---Work O The Weavers, The Klezmatics, Theresa Tova (you know her from Sunday Simcha), Pete Seeger, and Fred Hellerman.   It portends to be an amazing evening of emotion and music---and you will find out why this is called Kisses Sweeter Than Wine---which is a Leadbelly song having nothing to do with this group and yet everything to do with the program.   The link above  is where you can purchase tickets for this once in a life-time event which will also be a benefit for The Guthrie Foundation and The Sloop Woody Guthrie.

A brief video of the group that I have admired for so long now---

Please do say hello to me at these events so that we can share some really great memories.

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