Thursday, April 1, 2010


The weekly flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)    Those who read this piece each week are worthy of the windfall you will receive in hard cash---see the very last item for collecting said amount from my compatriots in Nigeria.

2)    I suppose if a victim of a devastating earthquake was from some cold climate and ended up in Florida (thanks to the USMC) he/she would be happy---from Haiti---who knows.  Especially when they now want to deport same for a lack of Visa---they should have used Mastercard.  Priceless.

3)    Do we need all the instant communication—except in emergencies?   Think of these few things---courtesy at a dinner with others, texting and danger, instant gratification and mental illness, and the list goes on to include such things as appreciation of meaningful conversation and interaction on a personal level.

4)    “Homicide—Life On The Streets” still ranks as a non-formulaic and intelligent program after all these years.   Thank heavens for some networks to believe in it---well, one,--Centric (OK, they get bucks for it—others could have)

5)    You have to wonder why writers to Letters to the Ed. in the NY Times give a hoot about the comings and goings of Sandra Bullock’s marital issues.  For that matter, why would a highly paid (I leave respected to you) columnist for the same paper devote a column to this in a metaphorical way.  Now, let me tell you about some neighbors---bet you do not give a damn.  Rightfully so.

6)    Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) does seem serious when thinks of Guam tipping and sinking with the influx of Marines.   This man surely knows geology and all other such scientific insights---many is the island that has tipped over and just sunk when there was an influx of tourists---Capistrano has just been lucky all these years.  Let us never forget the close calls at Liberty Island---and who knows why Manhattan Island still exists ===were it not for the overinflated prices that keep buoying it up.  Must be a flotation device.

7)    I surely do hope that you tune in to SUNDAY SIMCHA on WFDU on most Sundays but especially  on April 4 when we have an extended Comedy Corner featuring The Capitol Steps in their quarterly special exclusively on this program--- you can listen on the web at
8)    TRADITIONS, also at ,  will, on April 4 have a few wonderful guests---in no particular order and not as a unit—David Bernz (Work O The Weavers), Rob Tepper(aka Woody Guthrie), Pat Wictor, Abbie Gardner.

9)    Does anyone recall what happened when Bflat, Dflat, and Eflat, walked into a bar?
10)                  The times have changed when you can share a movie (DVD) with grandkids and you worried about some of the language and their mom says not to worry---they hear worse.   Realism in film is, I suppose, good---whatever happened to the fluttering curtains and the camera panning during a sex scene in that long gone stone age of cinema?

THE ANSWER TO QUESTION 1 IS  "SUCKER"--You know how to get a computer virus---lucky you!!  Or--worse--fall for something.  I do have the rights to the Bklyn Bridge--- Please do  contact me through  my Nigerian compatriots for a great deal.


Anonymous said...

Well, this week more than usual you struck a chord with me. As to instant communication,you nailed it, it is so bizarre and seems to be a needy behavior! And, sorry for Sandra, she seems like a nice woman but heck, she picked a jerk, not so unique! So tell us what happened to the described in #9, can't leave us hanging!? Once in a while you are too obtuse for me, i.e. #2. Incidentally, UP is a great DVD to rent with the grandkids.


Anonymous said...

Sure---#2---Haitian was rescued by one US Agency and evacuated to US then arrested because the INS said he was illegal.

#9 The bartender says he does not serve minors---Bflat leaves. The other 2 now have a Fifth between them